Sweat dripped down her back, it tickled and made her arch, the gracelessness of her expression fell away into wonder, and he ran his hands up her thighs. It was hard to hold any sort of eye contact, waiting for something in her groin to quit spiraling quite so amazingly, and every time he sucked in a breath, it was like he was pulling something out of her. Her hand slipped down from his chin the top part of his chest, slick with inattention, and a gaspy moment of shear height as he pushed into her again. She let her head fall to the side; he took the opportunity to bring her back down to his face so he could kiss her neck properly. She breathed heavily on his ear, her head ending up their, and the couple's skin rippled with Goosebumps, she clenched tightly, he gasped, she grinned. He moved again, still beneath her, their legs in a messy tangle, and he reached down between her legs, letting his thumb brush right their, she panted and pushed down. He grunted, almost too quietly, both beginning to lose something to a muddled haze.

"You first" She groaned out tightly. He made a face, and she knew he understood.

"Don't…want, to… you." The words didn't seem all the forth coming, and she cocked her head, something unintelligible fell from his lips, his eyebrows knit, and he swallowed. Moving his hand up again, and wiggled his fingers around until he found it, and squeezed, it shocked her into a series of shudders, she clutched at his arms, rising quickly and falling back down, he pulled out, in one last time, and fell back into the pulsating fluttery heat.

"Stubborn" She whispered into his ear, he grinned as the pleasant feeling of her warm breasts, and wet groin rested against him. When he slipped out she shuddered. When he put his hands on her face, the expression she had was a tad on the terrifying side, salacious grin graced her features with soft planes, he had a high rising sinking feeling about this. Damn him and his curiosity. She sank below his line of vision, and a warm hand wrapped itself in a nice tangle around the nicest of places.

"Nice hair" one of them mumbled quietly.