All that lies before me

Ocean of blank paper

I know that it mocks me

All I have is this urge.

To break, to mar,

To no longer create

The words that fall from my lips

Like forgotten stars from

Blanketed skies, floating.

And it's gloating, laughing

It's cheery in my defeated wonder

It's become portly on my confusion

It absorbs my wonder

Its unending hunger

Black sails carry me

To an unending cry

When will it all end?

When will we die?

And when we do,

Where do we go?

When our stories end

When our once corporal hands

No longer grace, in its gentle caress

This world like a lost lover.

The darkest of wants

And it all beckons to our most

Betraying of thoughts

Little endings

That leaves you quite empty

Almost fondly