For this assingment, our professor instructed us to write a poem aboutsomeone we hate with a deep and fiery passion. I don't dislikea personenough to write an entirepoem about how I feel towards him/her, so I just focused on my anger instead and wrote a 15-lined sonnet.


My anger is as a plague
Feasting ceaselessly on my flesh
Never sleeping, ever eating
Grass is scorched by my glare
Writhing like damned souls beneath the devil's frown.
Abhorrence feeds the flames of revenge
Melting mercy and forgiveness
Leaving a fiery and treacherous chasm
From which there is no return.
Blood spills freely from my wounds
Infecting the earth, penetrating it
Planting seeds of hatred
From which there is only one source.
And though your fate I cannot yet foretell,
I wish with all enmity that you will go to hell.