My Love

As long as the sun shines,

As long as the moon glows,

A long as roses bloom,

My heart for you will always grow.

Don't ever cry my love,

Not on my behalf.

For even though we are apart

Our love, will always be within our grasp.

April 2, 2004

My Love (Response)

My heart and soul reach out to you,

They beckon you to come.

I cannot wait till you are near,

Please hurry up my love.

Time itself is against our plight,

With every passing day,

I feel you aging away.

April 15, 2004

Written by Adessa N. Baca

These poems were originally inspired by a form of Japanese poetry in which a man, who would be courting a female, would write her a poem, and she would write a response. Now, I do realize that it isn't in the traditional Japanese poetry format, AKA, Haiku. But you must remember, this is only inspired. I molded the poem to fit my own Western idea of poetry, and I must say, I am pleased with the outcome.

FYI. The top poem is the male's, the bottom belongs to the female.

¡Adiós mí amigos!


(Yes, the Spanish really is out of place. Especially since we were discussing Japanese stuff.)