LightLabs, the largest corporation dedicated to producing the latest in various technologies. It is a leader in its field. But leaders do not get to the top without creating enemies, within and out. Gathered from the streets of San Angeles, these young men and women are brought into the employ of Prof. Emeritus Light. They fight against the experimental escapees, the accidents, rival corporations, industrial espionage. Their job is to take on the threats that would bring LightLabs down. They are the Disaster Response and Containment Security Team - Securiteam!

Richard "Junior" Falcone, Jr. - Formerly from the street gang known as the Steel Fist. Arrogant, hot-headed and quick to act. He is the team's hot shot, i.e., he is the most likely the first to act in a given situation, though, not necessarily in a positive direction. Despite his background, he is actually an adept martial artist. Although he is the most extroverted, there is still a lot about his past that he is not revealing.
William "Billy" Cobretti - A freeway accident in the past cost him an eye and a leg. He reveals very little about himself, suffice to say that he is an expert in the martial arts, potentially far better than Junior. He is also unable to express any form of emotion, a result of the accident. It is rumored that he is the son of a man who commands a terrorist organization bent on ruling the world.
Bogart Johnson - He comes from the more down and out neighborhoods of San Angeles. Primarily took the job to separate himself from his large family and away from his mother's nagging. Loyal to his friends, he tends to act without thought. His martial arts skills is mainly composed of pugilism. He enjoys antagonizing Junior.
Jane Datsun - A former waitress who is forced to take a job in Securiteam because she has nowhere else to go. Of all the members, she questions her purpose the most. Lacking in fighting skills, she is racked by doubts and grief, added by a near-death experience. Despite that, she is the more level-headed of the team members and more likely to think her way out of any situation that aggressive force may not.
Elmer Jones - He is Junior's best friend and sticks with him perhaps because of some life debt. He may be considered the wimpiest member but he makes up for it by bravely going into dangerous situations but only if Junior is there. He is the only one who can temper Junior's more violent tendencies.
Jill Bright - The techno-nerd of the team. Called "Bright Light" by some because of her relationship as Prof. Light's niece. Pretty much responsible for the composition of Securiteam as it is. Her current function is to monitor the team's performance in any situation.
Prof. Emeritus Light - founder and former CEO of LightLabs. He is the man who founded Securiteam. He is always afraid that any of his experiments and those of other companies would bear disastrous fruit and go out of control. It is not known how long he has been running LightLabs let alone how old he really is.
Mr. Turner - The current head of security of LightLabs. He has been against the idea of forming Securiteam since the very beginning. He would come up with his own paramilitary force to deal with the loose experiments. All that is known is that he was some kind of government spook who may have fallen from grace and working with Prof. Light is his path to redemption.
Guiana "Gi" Lee - Like Junior, she, too, came from the Steel Fist Gang. She has a flirtatious attitude when she is with Junior and worries him that she might reveal his innermost secrets. She is an adept martial artist in her own right. Currently, she is in the employ of Charles Konran, owner of KOS Corporation, LightLabs biggest rival.
Det. Tyler King - SAPD plainclothes police. When Securiteam is in town, it always gives him a headache because he knows trouble is never far behind. Weathered and cynical, he distrusts big organizations who flaunt their power. He is the toughest cop in the force and every time he makes a bust, he makes sure his name is heard. "Tyler King, tough cop! You're under arrest!"
Det. June Yore - SAPD plainclothes police. She is Tyler King's partner. A complete opposite to his personality.

Miriam Dacosta Webster - The new CEO of LightLabs. She was chosen right on the spot by Prof. Light and she has the credibility to back it up. She is his friend and an ally in the boardroom. Unlike the professor, she is not as naive when it comes to corporate politics and is willing to play dirty if she has to.
Charles Konran - Owner of KOS Corporation, an industrial giant that rivals LightLabs. Born of Japanese parents but raised in Britain. From virtually nothing, he has been able to turn KOS into a worldwide force. His past is an enigma but wherever he goes opportunity follows and because of that, few question his intentions. Recently, he has set his sights on San Angeles.

Enigmus - A terror made of living machinery and computer circuits. For reasons unknown, it has a grudge against Prof. Light. It claims Prof. Light did something to it but the full story is yet to be told. Cold and calculating, yet it possesses very human emotions. It has the ability to repair itself, no matter how bad its condition is.
Machine Gun Joe - Enigmus's lackey. Personification of ultimate violence and living, breathing engine of destruction. A cyborg, his body opens up to reveal machine guns.
Rex Puno - Another cyborg lackey of Enigmus. He has enhanced strength and invulnerability to most firearms. His body is his pride.
Amanita - A sexpot and the smartest of Enigmus's henchmen. Unlike her comrades, she seems to have a will of her own. Her body is able to produce a variety of poison darts.