to my dearest dad,

my dad...

i can't explain

he does not bring me pain

but thankfullness and joy

even though i'm am not a little boy

but a girl who only has a father

who needs a mom why bother?

when you have a loving dad

who brought you in when you were sad

why do i want a mother

who abandaned me and my brother

and my sister who needed her the most

through her teenage life she seemed like just a ghost

my dad who brought us all in

and loved us cherished us like we were kin

now how is that a sin?

a father who raised us through the good and the bad

oh how i am so glad!

to have a dad

like the one i have now

unlike my mom who is a cow

i love my dad more than ever

he taught us to forgive and forget

unlike my mom who never taught me to knit.

even though my mom is i don't know where

i can't help but to stare

at her picture on my nightstand table

and to think is she just a fable?

but no

she was real

to think someone would do that to her 6 yr. old child

who is now a teenager and mild

but what can i say

i'm just glad to have a dad

who will always love me