For a Better America

I must admit that I see quite a bit in black and white, and what I do not see as such, I know little about and have not looked into enough and regret it. I think it is better that way. Know where you stand and stand there firmly, not letting the people calling for you to fail to knock you from your feet. Being young, I have much to learn, and I know that, but I do know what I believe, and I believe with all my heart. (Bear with me; I have a point to this, I promise.) Certain things like "murder is wrong." I'm sure you'd agree, but countless people get abortions each year. Well, not countless, but I'm sure you understand what I'm saying. Yes, I know what many of you will say, "It's not murder! It's a 'woman's right to choose!'" That makes me sick. To steal a baby's life before they have a chance to fight for it is pathetic and disgusting. It is, without question in my mind, murder. Now I'm sure a certain percentage of you are saying now, "That's your opinion. You have no right to put it on us!" I have a question to pose to you then: When does life begin? You don't know, do you? Well, if you don't know, how do you know you're not murdering? Are you willing to risk a life on a guess? What makes a person alive then, if not being formed in a womb?

I'm sure you would all agree that stealing is wrong, wouldn't you? Granted there are probably a select few that would justify why they steal, but we all know that it is wrong. It's natural to claim something as one's own and hold it to them. I'd like to ask you now why the government may steal from us? If they actually did something with the money, I might refrain from calling it theft so openly, but as it is it is theft and squander. Yes, I'm sure you're thinking, "But the government feeds the poor, educates our children, and helps us daily!" If you thought that then I know you're not going to agree with my next few statements, but please, bear with me. I enjoy hearing your thoughts on my writings.

Let's start with the education system, because I'm afraid I might lose most of you at the poor. Education in America has become a brain washing system where we teach out children lies. Evolution, in case you hadn't heard, is still in the theory stage. It has not been proven by scientifically means. My dear teachers and professors, please teach our children fact instead of theory so as they can no the difference between the two. Call theory what it is and be done with it. Feel free to teach Evolution, of course, but along with it every other form of beginnings. I am tired of my money going to fund Darwin's theory spoken as fact by the teachers in our school systems. The government takes my hard earned money away from me (not asking me for it, but demanding) and gives it to schools that squander it. Our teachers have become nothing more than hired babysitters because everyone is afraid of offending someone else, therefore can not even say that a child has failed! And our children have no choice in which schools they might go, but are shuttled into the nearest one. If we pay the taxes for the schools, shouldn't we at least get a say on what is taught there and how the money is used?

Let me preface the next bit by saying this: I have no problem with helping the poor. I love to do it. It would be easier, though, if I had money to do it with. I would be proud to give it to charities in that case. As it stands, the government takes my money, throws it at people who sit on their backsides with no job, and hopes that they won't go out and buy booze and drugs with it. It's an idealistic hope, but where are without hope? The United States government has no right to take money from its taxpayers and give it to the poor and call it anything other than Socialism. That's exactly what it is. I've heard people say, "As Robin Hood did! Steal from the rich and give to the poor!" They fail to remember that Robin Hood was returning what the government stole from its people, not stealing the working class' money and handing it to those that do not work. Have you noticed that if a man were to walk out of his home today and knock on his neighbor's door and demand money, taking it forcefully if need be, then it is called theft. He is punished for that. Though if the government comes to your door, knocks, and demands money, you are the one punished if you will not give it up. What is that called? Taxes.

Granted, there must be some money in government for it to function, but why are the men and woman who are supposed to serve this country paid the big bucks and many of them give very little back to charity. John Kerry for example… We won't even go there, as hypocritical as he is. If they would only take what they needed and stop feeding it into the worthless bureaucracies that have sprung up everywhere, we would bring home more of our paychecks. They get nothing done. It's a bunch of men and women sitting around, deciding on nothing because if they did come to a firm decision and finished their project then they would become obsolete and lose that wonderful bunch of money they had flowing into their pockets. Heaven forbid they go in, do their job, and move on to something else productive. Why do we pay these people to sit about and form committees on nothing?

As I said, the government has no right to be taking our money and giving it to those who have less. It is not their place. It is the job of the church and private charity. "What of welfare?" you might ask. I say drop it flat. Get rid of it once and for all. No weaning people off of it as I've so often heard, for we will never be rid of it in that manner. It should be done away with forever. In its place churches and charities (notice I did not say the government) with donations (not money taken forcefully) should bring back the soup lines. Granted, it's not a gourmet meal, but it's something. It will fill a stomach until a person can get back on their feet in a job to feed themselves. Homeless shelters should require men and women to do some sort of work around shelter in return for a place to stay. Everyone can do something, even if it is something simple. A simple task is better than handing someone something for nothing. That only brings about slothfulness.

We have been taught that we are deserving of good food and a place to sleep. If you don't work, you don't eat. Sound familiar? Probably not anymore. "It's our right to have food on our table and a bed to sleep in, even if we don't lift a finger! It's a right!" No, it's not. We have a right, as Americans, to prosper if we work for it. We should not look at those with more and moan and complain because they have it, but look at them and aspire to do just as well if not better. Do not complain because the doctor makes more money than you. That doctor went to at least four more years of school than you did. If you had been willing, you could have too.

Look up and not down and when you must turn your eyes downward, also turn a hand that direction and help haul someone upward with you. Do not drag them down as so many of our figures do when they tell certain groups that they are being treated poorly because of race, gender, or anything else. It is the one saying that that is pulling them down and that person, whomever they may be, has every bit as much of a chance to succeed if only they strive for it.

We can help each other without the government's help. We've become dependent and along with it will end up throwing our freedoms away. We can do the same things they do, but better. I believe with my whole heart that if we strive to be better, we will be. Get people back on their feet with work and a place to clean up for exchange of work. It's not the government's job, it's ours. We need to take responsibility for our fellow man and do so without them taking our money and forcing us. If they stop, then we will have the money to donate to the churches and the charities in order to help the people who need it. Otherwise they will never pull themselves out, but settle into mediocrity and worse. We have it within our power to rise up and say that we want to be the ones to help people, not the government taking it out of our hands and butchering it. As it is, they will. They will get into power up there in DC, see how much they like it, tell people how they will give them money (those that pay no taxes) if only they will vote for them (and of course if they don't vote for them, those mean old Republicans will get into power and destroy them all!) everything will be alright. I tell you now it will not be all right and it will not be all right until we pull the reigns back in and take control of the situation once and for all. It is not their choice, it is ours.