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Kyle walked silently beside his sister, Jess. He was holding the blankets his other sister, Ally, had handed to him. Jess was carrying Sean, the baby of the family, who was sleeping. Kyle didn't know what time it was, but he knew it had to be somewhere around 2:00 am. He knew what night it was and what had happened. He was five when it had happened, and he had been visiting his cousins a few hours away that night. His father and Jess had been the only ones home. Jess had plans with friends and his father had work. Kyle wished they had both gone with them to visit family. He was mad at himself for being glad he wasn't home. He was eight now, and knew how bad that night had been for his father and sister. His sister had been fourteen at the time, now she's seventeen, and is still sad. Kyle wanted to help his sister, and sometimes it seemed to help. Then she looked at a picture of the family, her standing in front of their mom and dad, beside ally, with him in front, and she would be sad again. Everyone was sad when they looked at that picture. Even friends that visited. Even new people that didn't know what had happened. That picture just seemed to carry a sadness that never left. It might have been because it was the last family picture taken. There was nothing after that except individual pictures of Kyle and his brother and sisters from school.

Everyone looked happy in their pictures except Jess. Her smiles looked fake now. She hardly ever saw her friends outside of school, and barely in school too. She was behind most the people her age in school. Kyle knew it wasn't because she wasn't smart. He hoped Jess knew that too.

Kyle looked over at Jess. Even though it was raining he could tell she was crying. She was rubbing Sean's back and making sure his teddy didn't fall from his hand. Every now and then she would push a piece of his brown hair out of his face. Ally had put a blanket around Jess's shoulders. Jess had been sitting in the rain all night, and was shivering from the cold. Kyle thought his mom must be shivering too.

He looked at his surroundings and felt sad. There were thousands of tombstones on either side of him. He moved closer to his sisters because he was scared. Jess took the hand that had been rubbing Sean's back and put it around Kyle's shoulder. He went as close as he could to her, he didn't want to get hurt by her wheel. He looked at his sister and the tears started falling down his face.

They came to a little path leading from the main road they were on and turned down it. They weren't far down the path before their destination came into view. Just as Ally and Jess had suspected their mother was sitting in front of a grave. As they came closer to the grave and their mother Ally started crying as well.

Hearing the sound of approaching people, Jennifer turned to see her four children coming towards her. She attempted a smile when they were right behind her. When she saw the look on their faces, however, her smile faded and she jumped up to greet them.

"Mom. Let's go home. It's raining, Sean is still sleeping, Kyle needs to go back to sleep, and you and Jess are going to get hypothermia if you stay out here much longer." Ally said.

"Wait." Kyle said. He handed the blanket he had been carrying to his mom and walked over to the grave. He knelt in front of it and kissed the cold wet stone. He read the inscription.

Sean Rhodes


Loving father and husband.

Always remembered

as a hero

to Jess Rhodes.

"Daddy, I love you. Thank you for saving Jess. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have my big sister to help me with my homework and my problems." Kyle said softly to the ground. He stood up slowly and faced his family. His mom was now carrying Sean and his teddy and Jess was staring at Kyle through blurred eyes. She leaned forward and held out her arms. Kyle ran towards her and she hugged him with the biggest hug in three years. Through all her pain she was able to smile at her little brother, and Kyle smiled back up at her.

"Thank you Kyle." Jess pulled Kyle onto her lap to go back to the car. They arrived at Ally's car and Ally started getting Sean into his car seat.

"I'll see you kids at home. I have to go get my car." Jennifer said. She began walking away but found herself unable to as a hand gripped her shoulder.

"No. Mom, I'm driving you home. We can come back in the morning to get your car. I'm not letting you drive." Ally demanded. Jennifer turned back and climbed into the backseat beside Kyle, who was now in the middle seat. Jennifer put her arm around her son and let him fall asleep on her. Ally loaded everything into the trunk again and climbed into the driver's seat and drove the silent car home. Jess was staring out the window with her hands gripping her legs; Ally could tell she was restraining herself from crying. In the back seat Jennifer was gently rubbing Kyle's arm and moving strands of his wet hair from his face. Sean was still sleeping soundly with his teddy in hand. He had barely woken up at all during this whole night. She pulled into the driveway and parked the car in front of the house.

"Mom, you can get the boys in the house, right? I'm going to help Jess." Ally asked. Jennifer nodded her head and woke Kyle up.

"I'll unlock the door so you can go on up to bed sweetie. Change your pajamas first, I don't want you sleeping in those wet clothes." Jennifer said, waking Kyle up from his deep sleep. Kyle nodded his head groggily and climbed out of the car and stood by the front door. Jennifer unlocked the door and opened it so Kyle could walk in. Then she turned back to the car to get Sean from his seat and take him upstairs to change him and put him back to bed.

Ally pulled all the stuff out of the trunk and put the already soaked blankets on the ground. She took the last item out and closed the trunk. She unfolded the thing and took it around to her sister's door to help her out of the car. She lifted Jess out and placed her in her wheelchair closed the car door.

"Thanks for helping me so much Ally. You know I can normally do this all myself." Jess said, craning her neck to see her sister. She had moved herself out of the way so Ally could shut the door.

"I know Jess. This is a special night. I understand." Ally said. She grabbed the sopping blankets from the ground and walked up the ramp to the house. Jess followed her into the house and went onto her electronic ramp to take her upstairs.

Ally threw the blankets in the washer then went up the stairs after her sister to get the blankets and clothes everyone had had with them on their little journey. Sean was already sleeping so she was able to take his teddy from him to wash it.

"Ally, are you going to go to sleep?" Jess called from her room.

"No. There's too much that has to be done in this house. You go to bed, I'm sure mom has already. I don't want you worrying about it. Could you throw down your wet clothes so I can wash them for you?" Ally said. She wasn't tired at all. All she wanted to do was take care of her grieving family on this night.

Jess turned out her light and climbed into her bed under all her covers and fell right to sleep. It was Sunday night and she was supposed to have school the next day, she knew her and Kyle would be staying home.

Once she fell asleep nightmares recounting this night three years ago plagued her dreams.