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"We can't make any promises. She was hit by a drunk driver. He managed to remain fairly unscathed, a few cuts and bruises, but he's being held here until he regains consciousness so he can be questioned about what happened." The nurse explained to Ally and Jess. Will was standing behind Jess with his hands on her shoulders comforting her. Ally had fallen into a nearby chair at the sight of their mangled mother.

She was lying unconscious in a white hospital bed. Her left side was damaged the most; the other driver had driven straight into her car, hitting the driver's side front door mainly.

"The authorities have concluded from the way the cars were at the site that Jennifer was driving through an intersection and the other driver failed to stop at a red light and drove right into her. They believe he was going approximately 140 kilometers an hour in an 80 zone." The nurse explained further, trying to give the two young women as much information as she could possibly manage. Both Ally and Jess stared at the nurse in shock. "How about you guys go home and we'll call you in the morning to tell you how things are." The nurse suggested. Ally and Jess nodded and turned to leave. Will just walked behind, still pushing Jess, in silence. He had no idea what to say. It had been the same day three years ago they had lost their father and Jess became what she is and now they're was a chance they would lose their mother as well. He still had both his parents and couldn't even begin to imagine what they must be going through.

"Ally, where's mommy?" Kyle asked the next morning. Ally was sitting on the couch staring at the black TV; Jess was still in bed; Will was sitting on the floor in her room, ready to wake her if she looked like she was having a nightmare; Alice was making breakfast; and Sean was still sound asleep in his room.

"We're going to go see her today." Ally responded. She wasn't really paying attention to her little brother. The only thought running through her head was whether or not their mom was going to be okay. She knew it would be hard on her and her brothers, but it would be hardest on Jess. She was worried about Jess. She had just started to care about life again, just started to regain some of that zest for life she had before. Ally was afraid it might all be taken away again. Ally had also realized how much Will cared for Jess and didn't want him to lose her again. She had only started talking to him again the day before, and Ally didn't want that to all come undone.

"Ally, I made breakfast. Do you want me to go get Sean so he can eat before you go to see Jennifer?" Alice asked.

"That's okay. Let him sleep, I'll get him when he wakes up. I can't thank you enough for all your help, Alice. It means a lot to me, and I'm sure it means a lot to Jess as well." Ally said. She shook her head to clear her mind and stood up. "Come on bud, time to eat breakfast." She said to Kyle. Kyle ran to the table and jumped on a chair. Alice had made pancakes for everyone.

"Darling, don't worry about a thing. I understand your family is in trouble right now. Will and I would love nothing more than to help you folks out." Alice said, wiping her hands on the dishtowel in the kitchen. "Now just relax and eat your breakfast. I'll go check on Sean and Jess." Ally opened her mouth to protest but Alice raised her hand to silence her, and Ally obeyed. She sat at the table with Kyle and ate her pancakes. She had just swallowed her first bite and was about to take another when the deafening sound of the anticipated phone call cut through the silence. Ally jumped out of her seat, partly in fright, partly because she wanted to answer the phone right away.

"Hello?" She answered as soon as the phone was in her hand. "Thank you for calling." She managed to whisper. She hung up the phone and turned so her back was leaning against the wall. As soon as she felt her back make contact with the wall, she fell. She sank right down to the floor so her knees were brought up to her chest. Faintly she could hear Kyle calling her and asking if she was okay. She heard Sean's wails from upstairs as he woke to find another woman in his room, not his mom. She heard Jess's wheels on the tile floor coming towards the kitchen. She heard everything, but nothing registered. The words of the nurse echoed in her mind over and over. 'She passed in the night.' With those words echoing in her mind, everything around her went dark and she hit the floor.

"Jess, something's wrong with Ally." Kyle called from the table. He had watched her fall to the floor, her head disappearing behind the counter. Soon after he heard a thump on the floor.

"Ally?" Jess called wearily. Will was walking behind her and worried. He had heard the phone ring that had woken Jess and Sean. Jess had nearly jumped out of her bed when she heard the phone. Will had had to try to calm her down before she tried to climb out of bed and ended up falling and hurting herself.

"Ally, are you okay?" Jess asked. They were sitting in the hospital. Alice had called an ambulance shortly after Ally had passed out to make sure she was okay. She had woken up just before the ambulance arrived; however, she was still in a daze. By the time the ambulance had arrived she knew exactly what was going on.

"I'm okay, really. I just fell, that's all. Please, I need to be alone with my family and friends." Ally pleaded. The paramedics were reluctant to leave her after what had happened to her. "I have just received a call about a family member, a very important call, and I feel obliged to tell them. I would much prefer to do it in our home, without strangers hovering over. If you must, please wait outside and wait until I am done. I really don't need help, and I don't need to go to the hospital." She snapped over their protests. Theses paramedics had never really had to deal with someone so angry so they left, hoping to avoid confrontation. They stood outside to wait, glancing nervously at each other.

"Ally, the phone call this morning. What did they say?" Jess asked. Ally was trying to hold her composure; she felt she had to be strong in front of her siblings. They couldn't see her cry, not now, especially not now.

"The nurse… the nurse said… they tried." Ally paused to take a deep breath, "They did everything they could." She watched the hope in her sister's eyes fade away. She watched the tears begin to well up. "Jess… I'm sorry. She didn't make it." She felt the back of her own eyes prickle as the tears tried to come to the surface. She fought them back as hard as she could. She tried to stand up, her legs were like jelly, she couldn't stand. She grabbed the counter and forced herself to stand, she could not be weak. She took a step towards Jess, she had to comfort her.

Sean was happily sitting in his highchair, absolutely no clue what was going on. He was just too young to understand. Kyle looked from Ally then to Jess. He didn't understand what was going on either. He saw Jess crying and remembered something.

"Wait Jess, don't cry." He said. He ran up to his room and everyone just watched him go. Jess burst into sobs, racking her body, making her shake. Ally hugged her and told her everything was going to be okay. Alice put her hands on Will's shoulders, tears streaming her face as well. Sean became impatient waiting for his food and began to pound his fists on his highchair. He began yelling.

"Mommy! I hungry! Mommy!" His shouts and pounds went almost unheard. Alice turned around and picked him up. Sean looked up at her and began to cry, he knew this wasn't his mommy, and he was hungry. "Mooommmmmmyyy!" He wailed. Alice tried to calm him down. Just as it seemed the whole house was going to come tumbling down, Kyle returned, with a bag in his hand.

"Jess, mommy helped me buy this for you. I hope it makes you happy, and helps you remember happy things. I don't want you to cry anymore." Kyle handed her the bag and backed away. He looked up at his big sister, his idol, and waited for a reaction.

Jess opened the bag and looked inside. Inside the bag she found a purple teddy bear that said 'Daddy's Girl' on its green t-shirt and a necklace around its neck. She pulled the bear out of the bag and looked at the necklace. It was a silver heart shaped locket. She opened the locket to find two photographs, one in either half. On one side it was a photo of her parents together, on the other side was a photo of her holding baby Kyle.

"Mommy had the pictures in her wallet. She had them made smaller so they would fit. There's something on the back too." Kyle said eagerly, turning the necklace around. Inscribed on the back in small letters was: 'We will always love you.' Jess started to put the gift back in the bag when she noticed and envelope. She pulled it out of the bag and looked at it. The front said 'Jess' in messy writing, she knew it must have been Kyle who wrote it. She opened the envelope and looked at the contents. There was a card, on the front of the card there was a purple teddy bear. 'Just thinking of you.' Was written in a speech bubble over the teddy's head. She opened the card and smiled. Her mom had written a note inside, no doubt the words of Kyle.

'Jess, I love you very much, you are always able to help me and make me feel happy. I don't like seeing you sad, I wish you would be happy again. I hope the pictures don't make you sad. I wanted to put mommy and daddy in the necklace for you because mommy always tells me how much they love all of us, and I wanted you and me because I know how much I love you, and I hope you love me that much too. I was happy mommy had the pictures with her. Don't tell Ally this, but I love you more because you lived with me longer than Ally. I wish you hadn't been hurt that night. I wish I could have been with you, to help make you feel better. I hope you can be happy again, I love you Jessie.' Jess read the card and couldn't help but smile a little. At the end Kyle had signed his name and had put 'XOXOXOXOXOXOXO' beside it. Kyle only called her Jessie when she was crying or he needed help with something.

"Jess, where's mommy?" Kyle asked when he was satisfied with her reaction. He thought it was working, he thought she was happy again.

Jess looked at her brother and tried to swallow the lump in her throat. She wanted to find the right way to tell him.

"Mommy went to be with daddy now." She said quietly. To her surprise he didn't start crying as she had expected. He just looked at the floor sadly then back up and stared her right in the eyes.

"It's okay Jess, they can be happy together now. They can watch us together, daddy doesn't have to be alone anymore." The tears instantly stopped flowing from her eyes. She looked at her brother with wonder. She didn't understand how a five-year-old could have such wisdom. Kyle looked scared, like he thought he might've said something bad. He opened his mouth to apologize but Jess cut him off.

"You're right Kyle." She said simply. She hugged Kyle and smiled.

The paramedics looked at Ally and decided she didn't really need to go to the hospital for tests after all. She was able to fully function and didn't have any visible injuries. Ally did, however, go to the hospital. She took her family to go say good-bye to their mom and then meet with someone to make funeral arrangements. Alice and Will tagged along for support.

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