The World

By Remy Chartier

Hello, my friend, I am the world

It's good to talk to you again.

Before you go to sleep,

Take a moment to listen,

What do you hear?

The roaring of cars the yelling of drunks, screaming, crying and war…

Yes, that is what you hear, but not all there is.

Listen harder my friend, listen to the heavens.

Don't you hear the stars? They are crying for you; the rain is their tears.

Why do they cry for you, my friend? Is it because you fail? Is it because you hate yourself? No!

They cry for your life, and for others like you,

Others who wish to live and can't.

Why can't they live, my friend? Why can't you live?

Do you know?

Because you are different?

Because you fear?



You don't know, do you?

Let me tell you, my friend, let me show you myself.

Come away with me, come far, far away.

Let your mind go free, if only for a while, and forget about your troubles.

Come and see my beauty.

See how the sun shines from the fare blue sky,

down on a forest so free and alive.

See how the animals live, see how they are.

Stupid beasts? No! Savages? No!

See how they play, and live in harmony with me.

Now come, join them in rest and lay beneith the stars,

And you will see the stars as never before.

Bask in their light, let their touch mend your soul.

Now awake the next day, and sit by a stream.

Listen to the stories she tells,

For she can tell you much.

And the secrets of the wind? How many he has

They can be yours if he trusts you enough.

Now see this strong old tree

With pride that is safe,

For how long it has lived, how much it has seen.

Now bathe in an ocean,

An Ocean so warm,

Feel her caress your face and taste her salty kiss on your lips.

Swim with the dolphins who know all about you

Their wisdom will show you the way,

To a place without sorrow and hatred and war,

To a life where you can raise a family,

Whom you can teach all my secrets.

Now, back in your bed where the sirens and shouts echo.

This is reality, and not a dream.

But dreams can come true, if enough people try,

But you all have a choice,

Live like savages,

Kill each other,

Destroy me,

Or build upon your feelings for one another,

Live for the sake of others, and they'll live for you,

And don't forget my beauty, and what you are doing to me.

I can't live forever,

Not if you kill me.

My forests will turn black,

my oceans will dry

The dolphins will all die

The wind will choke,

The stream will lose her voice

And humanity will be no more.

Goodnight and farewell,

My friend and my child,

I hope I could give you something to think about.