The wall of bricks rubs harshly against my back

as I lean against it.

The shadows of the wall conceal me,

and I lower my head to cry.

I'm sure that you didn't mean to hurt me this way,

and I'm sure you had your reasons.

However it still doesn't erase the pain

that a break up causes.

I pull my hood over my head as a friend passes,

for I want no one to know my sorrow.

Somehow how I thought it would last forever,

but now forever is only a word.

I feel the roughness of the bricks grind into my back,

and somehow it comforts me.

Funny how the most unexpected thing can comfort a person

in times of pain and tears.

Everyone has left the school now,

and I'm still here in the shadows.

I feel I will never leave

the comfort of this brick wall.