A world parallel to ours there live creatures that are not quite human, and every once in a while these creatures become restless. When they become restless they start wars upon each other, these wars cause chaos and destruction.

There was a council of elders that had kept this planet in line, but they have become corrupted, and the few that remain are powerless to the great evil of this planet.

A boy, born with an unreadable prophecy on his back, is the only hope for this forsaken planet. Yet, he alone cannot accomplish this.


This world we humans know very well, for we live and dwell here. We cause our own wars but nothing as great as on Daugwa. We know nothing of our sister planet, yet it is there.

We are plain humans, we don't have special gifts, or do we?

A girl, who is a cheerful yet shy teen, and her best friend, an outgoing girl, one day find themselves wrapped in a destiny that they could never have imagined.


Well, I know it's a bit short, but it's just the prologue. I will be making the chapters much longer, which means I won't update that often. This is my first story so please be kind when you review.