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A Hostage's Diary

Entry 13 : The Final Entry

Rei took careful steps down the pathway. It had been five years since… it. She now worked as a nurse and helped people who had been traumatized… like her.

"It's a nice day…" she murmured as she looked up. It had taken months for her to snap out of her 'reverie', and allow everything to kick in. From the classroom of thirty five students, only five survived, including her. When her capturers had found out that Mirei was missing, the police had arrived. The capturers killed who they could.

Yuki was one of them.

He was the first of them.

She bit her lip and walked on. She had a million reasons to thank Mirei, yet…

'At least I'll be visiting her today…'

She walked along the rows of graves. Sakurazaki Sakura, Koizumi Omasu, Ichiro Miho, Yoshiro Yuki…


Izumi Takeshi turned his head slightly to see her. His smiled, but it didn't reach his eyes

"Ah, Kugimiya-san…" he greeted briefly as he turned his head once more to what he was looking at.



Silence settled over the both of them. Rei held back her tears – it still seemed hard to believe that Mirei had succumbed to something like infection… some of the cuts that she had received also had been infected. She had been affected by Sakura's pneumonia (it was the sickness she had, as they found out later on after checking her body). The night before freedom outside in the cold and wet clothes didn't help either.

"Kugimiya-san?" Takeshi said uncertainly. Rei shook her head.

"It's nothing." She murmured. The lie sank deep. How could it be 'nothing'? The remaining five… she, Hiko, Saya, Ken and Natsu. None of them fully recovered… but each and every one of them owed their lives to Mirei. "Do you… do you think that-?" she stopped.

"That?" he asked. She remained silent for a moment.

"Do you think that she should be standing here instead of me?"

A breeze blew pass the two of them. Takeshi said nothing.

"Every life counts. That's what oka-san taught us, and that was and still is our legacy. She felt that it was her duty. And she did it." He replied. Rei tore her gaze from Mirei's grave to that of Yuki's.

"Who will guard the guardians?" she whispered.

"God, of course. He guards all of us." Takeshi replied as he walked off, leaving Rei alone, watching his fading figure.