Memories of Halinor

Back then, they were still innocent. What a complex situation, a group so innocent, in such a chaotic, turmoil-filled world. But there was a time when conflict was the farthest thing from their little minds, a time before their faces were stricken with the signs of worry and fear. This was a time when their greatest concerns were whether or not they would find a ball to play with. Their only conflicts were those that decided who was "it."

"You can't play with us, Kya! This game is for boys only!" Aidan shouted.

"I can play just as well as any of you, and you know it, Aidan. You just don't want to be beaten by a girl. Again!"

Even Kale had to laugh at this comment. Although Aidan was his best friend, he knew that it was true.

"Kale!" Aidan moaned.

"Come on' Aidan, I'll take her on my team, okay? You won't have to deal with her."

Aidan shot his friend a disappointed glare and walked off muttering something about cooties.

"Go get the ball," Aidan yelled, as he took his position.

Kale ran over to where Kya stood. As he bent to pick up the small orange sphere, he felt something on his cheek. Kya had that devious yet immensely satisfied look on her face after she had rewarded Kale with a small peck on the cheek. Kale sent her a smile, returning the emotions but refusing to let the other boys see his feelings.

So many memories.

"I'm gonna be in RaneBow when I grow up!" Aidan shouted.

"Me too!" Kale announced.

The two continued to play fight as they hit each other with the bamboo sticks. Soon after this exercise, they took off in the direction of the huts, running as fast as they could.

"We're gonna have to be in great shape to fight off those evil Shalenvales!" Kale panted.

"And we will be too! We'll be in such great shape, that we'll take 'em out by the dozen!"

They continued to run in random shapes around village huts.

What a strong bond. So young back then. Such love is rare today. With so much hatred, there is very little time to care about anyone anymore.

Kale and Kya sat in the dust outside of Kya's house. A rather awkward looking Kale sat staring at Kya. Truth or Dare was a risky game sometimes.

"Come on now! You know the answer to that question!" Although he seemed taken aback, Kale laughed. Deep down, he wanted to answer the question.

Kya simply laughed. "I know I do, but I want to hear you say it."

Suddenly, Kale heard his friends approaching.

"Umm, let's go somewhere else."

Kya laughed. "What's the matter, don't want to be seen with a GIRL!" She loudly stressed the world girl, in an enthused, cartoonish voice.

She timidly threw her arms over his shoulders. As quickly as she embraced him, she let go and ran into the woods with a proud and amused grin on her face.

A very confused Kale, stood around until his friends approached.

As all other things corrupted by time, this age lived its last day and eventually died. These children grew up and joined this chaotic reality that we call Talinfor. Who knows. Maybe the innocent days of childhood will visit these lands again. Maybe one day the arts of the Halinage will return to the people. But that time is not now. That day is not today. My time with the planet is slowly fading.

War is a disturbing presence in every reality. However, it was different for these kids. It was not a far off possibility, or even an inevitable reality. It was part of life. It was all that they knew. They could not fear the war, for to fear it would be to fear life itself. The two went hand in hand.

Hopefully, one day they shall know true peace. They shall know the peace that I knew as a young child. They shall know a peace that means a home without war, not a home away from it. But such ideas are only fairy tales. They are not reality. They are not true life. Not anymore anyway, not anymore.