I remember

Your warm embrace

As I cried in your arms

Hoping I'd see you again but

Knowing I never would

Having to let you go

Against my will

Against yours


She is

Twisted and cruel

To play tricks on us

Like this

Bringing us together for

Moments frozen in time but

Not frozen forever

Do you remember my

Tears shed for you


Tears shed for me

How we sat there

And cried

In each others arms

Never wanting to let go

But knowing it was time

Knowing we had to

And I still miss you

I still love you

I still need you like I always have

Always think of you

Every time I hear that song

How we danced

To our hearts content

All night long

How you told me I was beautiful

Told me you loved me

Told me you didn't know what love was

Until you met me

Twirling and screaming

I collapse since I

Lost my strength

I lost my support

I lost you

And you lost me

I hope I'll see you again

But I know I never will

So it is for forever

That I shed those tears