I'm not the one

Full of

Fancy language

Swirling beneath a ballpoint pen

I'm not one for

Verse and



Writing beautiful lyrics

Just the truth

It's beautiful

Then it's beautiful

If it hurt you

I'd like to say I'm sorry

And I wish I were

But that's all this pen will write

Blunt and

Worn down from time

I'll tell you what I think

But I

Won't explain why

Not now

Not any time

I don't

Dress to impress

Even when I care

Cause if

You can't grow to love me

For who I am

I can't understand

Why I ever grew to love you

And damn it

I don't want to get hurt again

And I'll drive you away


Let you back in to my heart

If that's what keeps me from suffering

I don't understand

If you

Like me for

Who I am

All I am

Why do you want me to change?

So what if I'm

Rough around the edges

I'll cut you hard

Cut you deep

But I'll kiss those wounds

Until they've healed stronger

Than they ever could've been before