Close by me

You told me

And I did but

Still I end up here

And you end up there

Because that was the last time

I ever saw you


Left you that night

And we promised

We'd say good-bye

But we never got the chance

I still wish you were here to

Understand me

To be with me

To tell me everything will be okay

To smile at me and

In an instant

Let me know it can't be any other way

And now I know

It can't be any other way because

You taught me how to live

You taught me what it meant

To be myself

You brought out the best in me

And you knew my worst

Because you are the same way



Laugh with me

Dance with me

Talk to me

Be with me

Love me

Leave me

It's inevitable

But not matter how much I knew

I was going to have to leave

It didn't make it hurt any less

It still hurts


Still cry

Am still crying

For what I had

For what

I'm missing