Hello again. :)

Sadly, I've taken down all of the chapters of My Anything But Ordinary Summer.

I know. I know. Why?!

I have trust issues and although this may sound prideful, I don't want anyone taking my story as their own. Not like my story is good enough that someone would want to claim it as theirs, but just in case, I took everything off. You have no idea how hard it was for me to go and hit the 'del' button next to each chapter. :(

I'm very sorry for those of you who still wanted to read it. Buttttt, there's some good news, I guess?

I'm going to completely rewrite MABOS. Completely. Yes, there will be the same characters but different situations and I'll make it more...mature. Not as completely stupid as it was before. :P

Since it is the summer time, and since I'm not doing anything vacation-wise, I figured I could pick up writing again. :)

I don't know when I'll get up the rewritten version, if ever. I want to start taking my writing seriously and maybe if I want to get something published one day, I wouldn't want someone else getting a hold of it beforehand and saying they wrote it.

That'd suck...

So! Anyways! I really appreciate everyone who stuck with this story, no matter how bad I was at updating. I also appreciate everyone who reviewed and who gave me words of encouragement. I do appreciate every single on of you. :)

Haha, I wonder how many times I can say appreciate in one paragraph. :P

Well, with that said...

I'm out. :)