Before you read, imagine this. You are in a restaurant, and you ordered fish filet. Then, you see a net enter the fish tank near you and scoop up a struggling fish.

When the meal comes, the fish in front of you stares at you while you are about to enjoy your fish filet.


Eating in front of a fish

You had the fork a bite away,

About to take a scrumptious bite.

But then you feel their eyes on you,

A look that kills the appetite.

An immense meaning that it bore,

As if observing a cruel monster.

Eat, eat us, eat us all!

You look away ever faster.

But then you still feel it there,

Sending chills right down your spine.

Suddenly you gulp in fear,

Wishing you didn't come to dine.

You heave a sigh and turn around,

Watching as it moved its fin.

Finally, you put it down.

Fine, you say, you win.