A Warrior's Love

A hail of red:

Blood and fire.

For the red of your rose, love.

Metal and wood

Tearing into flesh.

Nothing made sense,

Only death's threat

As she came jealously

Trying to take me away from you.

Trying to take your clean world

With no fire or blood or dread.

I will not let her.

Not her shafts of burning torment,

Speeding past me,

Missing by a hair's width.

Not her sharp line of metal,

Slicing to steal my heart

Away from us.

None of them will take me.

Or take your beautiful world.

Some fell to her spell. Horror and agony

Voiced in moans. Screams.

No ecstasy in her seduction.

I cannot count

How many times have I come inches close

To death's kiss


And Before

Whenever I fought.

I preferred your kiss, love.

You open your eyes

To pure, clean white.

Smile. They were but nightmares, my love.

The only reminders of that world

Are the faded scars on this body

And the visions imprinted on my mind.

I fought for you to



Live in this bloodless world.