I was disappointed.

"The average of these scores was 87.6, nearly everyone did well on this test." The math teacher grinned at us all before she began handing back our tests. I just hoped I had gotten a B and looked down at my notebook quietly, trying hard not to raise my expectations. I heard the teacher call my name out and held out a paper as I crossed the room. I think I did fairly well on this test... it wasn't too hard... If only I had known. I sat down and looked at my paper with a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. In the right-hand corner of the page was a big 62 circled in red ink. Marks were scribbled all along the three sheets of paper, marking my careless mistakes that cost me only a few points apiece, but added up to my horrible failure. Trying to console myself I looked over a few of the problems I thought I knew, She took off a whole point for putting a comma instead of 'or'? That one was completely unfair, does a comma not mean 'or'? But most of them were just careless, which made me feel worse.

My last test had been better and I had known more on this one. I bit my lip, trying hard to control myself but it wasn't any good, I felt my eyes start to burn and water. It was as if an unbearable feeling of shame and stupidity had washed over me. I reached up and touched the corners of my eyes with my sleeve, trying to soak up the moisture before they became streams down my cheeks. My heart seemed to sink into a dark pit in my chest. One of my friends leaned over, "Are you okay?" she whispered, trying to comfort me. The effort was wasted, my heart sunk lower and I choked out, "I-I'm fine." Before completely dissolving into bitter tears, attempting to hide it from the class and trying not to call myself names. How come things always become worse when someone asks you if you're fine? My friend handed me a little crumpled up piece of paper that said, "ur average is only 74, u can bring it up by the end of the term." Somehow I doubted that, and with a frail will, I tried to stop my flow of endless tears and find my heart from its location somewhere near my stomach.