Tori' s Gift (v. 2)

By Meldon


Well, I 'm back. I' ve made a few changes, such as spell-checking the original and putting the foot notes in actual footnotes. (It is very hard to spell-check on ClarisWorks on a Macintosh Performa 575 when there s no red squiggles for mispelling and it checks every single word. It is very difficult when you ve invented your own language!) I 've also decided to handle the Ohotian differently. Rather than literally translate each line as it is said, I think I will put it in a footnote.

I 've decided to break Tori' s Gift up into three parts. (It just makes it sound cooler or something, there s no difference in the actual story). The first part entitled The Protector Immerges deals with Tori 's life leading up to her adventure. The second part, The Protector and the Spies deals with Tori' s adventure. The Journey Home is the third part and technically part of the adventure, but this deals with Tori trying to find her way home.

Tori's Gift is loosely based on Joshua chapter 2 from the Bible.

I will also try and post Tony' s Adventure , the sequel, very soon after this one. Maybe even the Ohotian version of Tori 's Gift . Oh yes, I' ve done it! The first two pages, anyway. And in a different version of Ohotian. (I changed the grammar and spellings and markings and stuff)

The Pronounciations

I will enclose a full Ohotian pronounciation guide at the end, but for now here are the important ones (of names, etc.).

joyi- (YOI-ee)- means girl in Ohotian

Ruan- (pronounced like the word ruin ) origin, Ohotian

Sicce- (SEE-chay) origin, Ohotian

Paténí- (pah-TAY-nee)- name for God in Ohotian

Ji Melo Zora-Ssuni- (YEE MAY-loh SO-ra-SHOO-nee) origin, Ohotian

Yemi Chigi- (YAY-mee SHEE-gee) the g is a hard g (the g in garden ) origin, Ohotian

zona- (SOH-na) origin, Ohotian

yemicomiti- (YAY-mee-koh-MEE-tee) origin, Ohotian

Chinetoni- (SHEE-nay-TO-NEE) origin, Ohotian

Rih- (ree) origin, Distian

Mapicco/Mapicho- (MAH-pee-choh) the second is the English spelling. origin, Ohotian

bataran- (BAH-tahr-ahn) origin, Ohotian

ihopë- (EE-hoh-pay)- means little girl in Quèsian

Hier- (HEE-ay) origin, Quèsian

Pherdacil- (FAIR-dah-sill) origin, unknown

Table of Contents:

I. Introduction/Pronounciations/Table of Contents

Part I- The Protector Immerges

1. Precog- what?

2. Wide Awake Dreaming

3. Of Dances and Wet Floors

4. Swimming/Modesty Lessons

5. French fries and PBJ

6. Unexcused Absence

7. Rescues and Arrests

Part 2- The Protector and the Spies

8. Ohoto?

9. Plans of Espionage

10. Meet the Family

11. Yemicomiti

12. Preparations

13. Chinetoni

14. Prairie Dogs

15. Spies in Cis

16. Rih

17. Chatting over Tea

18. In Hiding

Part 3- The Journey Home

19. Farewell

20. The House of Hier

21. The Roads of Death

22. Pherdacil

II. Appendices