This is a (formerly) rejected chapter from Tori's Gift. Rejected mostly because it contradicted the chapter "Preparations" (this chapter has Tori going to bed after talking with Sicce, not after zona with his wife/daughter), but I thought I'd share it with you even so, because I think it adds something to the story... :-) This is accepted into the canon of the story by realizing that this part is a vision during Tori's post-journey unconsciousness...


"So Sicce, why can't you add an appendix to your book?" Tori asked. She poked the fire with a stick. It was nighttime, and most of the younger children had already gone to bed. Tomorrow Tori would go with Ruan and Hiko to Cis, and frankly she was a bit nervous. Luckily, Sicce had noticed this and was showing her a book of the history of Ohoto he was writing to distract her.

"Joyi, I would like to, but the Avatars of writing have decreed that they hate author's notes separated into individual chapters. It's like they think that authors shouldn't be allowed to address their public out of character for extended periods of time. They are a powerful bunch, these Avatars, and they could totally cause my book to become unpublished. So I'll obey them," Sicce explained.

"Huh. That's really weird. It sounds like a pronunciation guide for your Anglian readers would have been really handy, so they could stop calling you Sick-say," Tori was still perplexed about this world's laws and customs.

"You can take a look at it before I throw it in the fire, if you'd like," Sicce handed her the pages he had torn from the book, and she glanced it over:


Pronunciation Guide:

a - as Spanish a ("ah")

ai, ay - pronounced "eye"

ao, ou - pronounced "ow", as in thou or Mao

b - as English

c - as English,

cc - as English "ch", always like this unless at the end of a word

(for the English cc, use ks, kc, cs, kc, etc.)

ch - has "hard" and "soft" forms: Hard ch (before an a, u, or o) is pronounced as English ch; soft ch (before an e or i) is pronounced as English sh; at the end of a word is always hard ch

d - as English

e - long a, as in pay

f - as English

g - as hard g (the g in garden, girl, gust)

h - as the h in high

i - as Spanish i

j - as a consonant y in English, never as hard English g

k - as English

l - as English

m - as English

n - as English

o - as English

oi, oy - as in English: toy

p - as English

q - as English k (doesn't have to be with a u)

r - as English r

s - as English

ss - as English "sh"

t - as English

tt - as English "th"

u - as in Spanish "música"

v - as English

w - as English

x - as English h

y - as English y, never as English vowel y

z - as English s


Pronounciation Guide:

a - as Ohotian a

ai - as Ohotian

b - as English

c - as the ch in chew

ç - as the ch in nonchalant

d - as the t in top

e - as Ohotian e

ei - as Quèsian ei

f - as English

g - as English soft g

h - not pronouced

i - as Ohotian i

ii - as the i in into

j - as Ohotian j

k - as English

l - as English

m - as English

n - as ng in English

o - as the o in go

oi - as English

(no p)

(no q)

r - as English

s - as sh in short

t - as th in thing

u - as Ohotian u

v - as English f (only appears at beginning of words, use f otherwise)

w - as English y before an a, o, or u; as English w before an i or e

(no x)

y - as English consonent y

(no z)

Vowels at the end of Distian words are NOT pronounced. The Distians use an "h" to signify that you do pronounce them. Example: bora is pronounced "boar" while borah is pronounced "boar-ah".


Pronounciation Guide:

a- as the a in father

à- as the a in cat

b- as English

c- always as the c in circle

d- as English

e- as the ei in eight

è- as the e in recommend

ë- as the ei in eight (accented)

g- hard English g

h- as the h in high

i- as the i in machine

ì- as the i in pit

k- as English

l- as the l in let

m- as English

n- as English

ñ- as English ng

o- as the o in so

ò- as the oo in soot

p- as English

qu- as English

r- a sound similar to "L", French r

s- as the s in so

t- as the t in television

u- as the u in cute

ù- as the u in hut

v- as English f

w- as English

y- as English consonant


ai- as the ai in aisle

oi- as the oi in oil

rh- trilled r

ny- Spanish ñ

er- French ("ay")

sh- as English

aa- long a (F.O.) or ã a in father

ee- long e (F.O.) ei in eight

ii- long i (F.O.) i in machine

oo- long o (F.O.) or õ o in oat

uu- long u (F.O.) u in use

"Yeah, this stuff would have been helpful," Tori sighed. She could not understand the Avatars' behavior. She reluctantly handed them back to Sicce, who tossed the pages into the fire.

"You'd better get your rest, joyi. You have a big day ahead of you tomorrow," Sicce said. Tori nodded and rose. She walked through the canopy of green trees until coming upon her tent. She slipped in and laid down on the sleeping mat, and sleep came quickly.

OK, so this is really lame. But I just read about the rule that said you can't have non-story content as individual chapters. That's why I am in the process of deleting them. The mediocrity of this chapter is all Fictionpress's fault. ;-)