The house that was once a home, is broken.
It can never be fixed.
Some say it can be,
Others say it can't -
I believe the latter,
But they're each an entirely different matter.

They shouted and screamed until the walls fell down.
Things were thrown that shouldn't have been.
People were hurt, physically and mentally
And yet, all I could do was look on

I would listen through the walls,
To hear an unuttered secret
And yet, one was never found.
Only when there were tears and pain,
Did she break.

Lies were told, and yet truths did unfold
And things were learned that no one should have to know.
She said his life was a lie, and it couldn't be helped -
It went on for a year.

The seasons changed, as did her moods -
Nothing could please her any longer.
She expected too much in too little of time;
It's impossible for one to be the giver and the other the taker.
People aren't perfect and they're not supposed to be.

Time passed and bad times fell,
He eventually left.
She broke down and converted to holiness
And holds the hope that he'll come home.
The hope that she once held will never be broken,
But he'll break it with his contemptuous thoughts.

Awkward moments pass
And the past is repeatedly brought up -
She admits she was wrong.
He doesn't care,
He doesn't love like he used to,
He doesn't have to -
He's moved on.

Documents to be filled.
Testimonies heard.
Truths determined
And battles fought -
The future holds this for the house that was once a home.

And yet, they put on an act,
Like everything's fine,
Never realizing that it's not.
They tell more lies to hide the truth,
Yet they're as iridescent as the sun's first light.
I know everything.
I hide everything.
Nothing can bring me to tell.

They think it's safe
And it is for now,
Until the storms within me are provoked.
And the once calm part of me, that stood resolute through the winds,
Will break.
There will be no going back.
The past will be repeated...
Only this time in louder tones.
Nothing will be held back
And I'll only have him to blame.
I've been told it's my fault
And, yet, sometimes it is.

But this house that was once a home can never be fixed.
It remains deteriorated and forlorn,
And I only have him to blame.