X on her chest
Right where she used to be
She fucked up
Oh always, again
Little blood droplets
Fell into the shotglass
She wept and she mourned for a friend
They offered her some black-heart tea
With sugar, milk or cream
She asked that they just let her be
Before the blade could scream
Scream back the things
She shouldn't say
But did on slashing wings
She knew the murder she had wrote
And took tea red today
She cried
I'm sorry my dear friend
But all the others lied
And I'm having trouble loving you
Because that part of me has died
And please forgive me
And please know
That I'm uprooting my gray tree
And some day I think I'll run to you
But please, dig up these graves with me
And I know I don't deserve you
And thanks for staying through my storm
This poem's the least that I could do
And hope that love will be reborn
There's an X on my chest
Where my life used to be
I fucked up
Oh always, again
I drank the blood droplets
As they fell to the shotglass
And prayed that you'd still be my friend