Now who's that little pretty girl
Who's coming up the stairs
With the big, bright flower on her shirt
And the lovely, curly hair
Come here, little flower girl
See me painting on the wall?
Because I'm making this place pretty
And I'm fixing up the hall
Do you like the color, flower girl?
It's a lovely shade of white
But I must get back to working
And should bid you now goodnight
So goodbye, little flower girl
And I hope to see you soon
But I must get back to painting
As I hum my pretty tune
And a pretty tune it surely is
From a song that I can't name
Some words about sweet little girls
And delightful devil games
And I think I'd like to play those games
With the flower girl up there
So I'll put down my white paintbrush
And climb right up those stairs
I knock upon her bluish door
Which rightly should be white
But she doesn't come and let me in
For she's locked the door up tight
I turn the knob and push it in
But the chain there's in the way
So I call out to my flower girl
But she will not come to play
So I peek in through the crack I've made
But there's no one in the place
So I wait in silence for a while
In hopes that she'll show face
And sure enough, there, there she is
But she looks quite so afraid
And she runs into the kitchen
Though I wish she would've stayed
I talk in to little flower girl
And tell her I just want to play
And that she's hurt my poor, dear feelings
In an awful sort of way
So come here, little pretty girl
With the flower on her shirt
And give a poor old man a hug
For he doesn't mean to hurt
And he'd just touch you for a little while
If you'd only let him in
For all I want, dear flower girl
Is my fingers on your skin
Oh, there you are, sweet flower girl
But why do you have that ugly knife?
You shouldn't play with those such things
For it may well take a life
So please put down that long, sharp beast
And darling, don't you cry
For I love you, little flower girl
And I wish your tears would dry
But I can't get in to see you
For your lock's been keeping me at bay
But don't worry little flower girl
I'm sure I'll find a way