Well it was beautiful
To be happy again
Fleeting, but happiness all the same
And I'm so disgusted with myself
How could I let that happen
I don't need any more soda cans to convince me it's a lie
I know
I needed someone
I miss love
But then again, you can't miss what you never had
I don't know what to think anymore
But you made me happy
I wanted to be with you, I wanted you to be beside me
For everything
And you almost saved me
From my past, and what they've done to me
You almost saved me
I was so close
I cried for you
I do not cry, except for my dear little Brighty
But I cried for you
And I'm starting to think it was selfish, and not what we thought at all
I'm starting to think that I didn't feel about you
I felt about feeling
For just a few days, I felt again
It was so beautifully tragic
I wanted to hold on to that
Instead I held on to you
But I know better
And I've learned my lesson
Oh, again
Now I'm back
The grey little hell-hole
I belong here
Welcome home, Sorrow
Welcome home