I'm torn up inside
And I've nowhere to hide
In love and I hate it
Can't quite contemplate it
All my problems lead back to you
Confused and don't know what to do

You're my sickness
You're my curse
You're the thought I can't reverse
You're the cancer in my brain
Questioning if I'm still sane
You're the one who'll find what's true
So to you, good friend, to you

You are pain
You're my relief
You are sunshine
You are grief

You're all that I've been craving for
From my being, inner core
Uncleansed sinner
Now made pure

I am Mary
I am Sorrow
I'm the day of no tomorrow
I'm the one who seeks what's true
So to you, good friend, to you

You never fail to make me laugh
Then I detest you even more
But when that hate collides with love
It leaves me heartbroken and sore

Still I can't explain
Just how I feel
My thoughts
They all seem so unreal

I'm Love's best enemy
And Hope's worst friend
I keep longing for
This hell to end

But it'll all work out some day
I'll find my voice, know what to say
And if this isn't just a dream
We'll figure it out, know what it means

Then you'll be Jack
And I'll be Jill
We'll tumble down that rocky hill
And I'll catch you if you fall
Just you and me, and that is all
Together we will know what's true
So to you, good friend, to you

Someday I'll bleed the hate out of my pores
And cry and scream and curse no more
'Cause this is it, this is what's true
All to you, good friend, to you