Braced for the betrayal

Hit the floor, breathe the sand


I thought so

Reality check, fall off the wagon

This is the dirt, the dust, The Hole

(pound fist)

(to the head, to the chest)


(two stomps)

It's back

Go numb

We're safe this time


Soul for emotion

Good trade, fair deal

Block it out


You knew what you were doing

You threw it to the wind

It tied you down

You gave it all away

But for good mind

As soon as given it was thrown away

Away to love

Que pena, no such thing

(roll right over)

Left behind

I'll be your wheel

Splintering, spokes broken

I'll still roll

Don't forget that apostrophe, we wouldn't want to get sick

That heartache

Not again

(keegans, where's the rolls, oh god he's dead)

(my hero)

Theses tears are acid, and I refuse to let them fall

Besides, the window does it for me

My Regular has Stretched beyond the purple broken wings

left alone the dark of night is fitting

and the rain is speaking volumes

I will not fall apart just yet

The Hole

(pound fist to the head, to the chest)

(respect, two stomps)

The skirt's a mask

Outside not in

Look at her, she's back again

What have you done with her?

I have done nothing but be happy

All figured out

You knew what you were doing

You made it through the first two days

Broken trust leads to stability

Good trade, fair deal

Here, have a dark room

I'll listen if you wish

(apostrophe again)

Not now

But not for now

Oh my it's good to be back

Here set down your things

Come rest your weary feet and be with us

We are our own hero

It's good to have you back

(respect, two stomps)

Take this, we are the eagles

And we are safe

Would you care for tea?

A lovely war it was

And a hero's welcome home

Welcome home, downtrodden

It's good to be happy again

Regardless of emotions, we are happy

Not quite doll

But happy, numb and safe

It only broke you

It won't happen again

But this trust, I can handle it

So far it has not entailed, neither changed, anything

Go to the closet if you wish, and banish feeling

It's so good to be back

It's so good to be happy

Welcome home, Sorrow

We're glad you're happy again

Where you belong

We hope you know that it was a charade

We led you to the trust and the stability

(I know don't worry)

(I enjoy your company very much)

We're all we need thank goodness

(almost slipped)

Thank goodness we're happy again

The real one this time

No more charades

The Hole, the truth


Welcome home The Hole

(pound fist)

(to the head, to the chest)

No heart no thank you not for me just chest will be fine

Would you like sugar?

I'll take it black

(pound fist)

(to the head to the chest)

Don't forget to alternate, I'll take a raincheck on the sticks

Too true, wouldn't want to get too attached

Don't pry please

(pound fist)

(to the head, to the chest)


(two stomps)