I like the way you shake your head
When I speak not a word
But even if I screamed my lungs out
I doubt you would've heard

I mourn, I mourn, I weep for you
Because you fail to see
The selfless lies behind your eyes
And your senseless poetry

Apology is long past spent
And now the blame appears
Your "openness" has pierced my mind
Your thousand heartless spears

You hug and cry and see me not
But that's the way that it should be
Because I think that if you looked at me
You wouldn't like what you would see

Because, you know, I'm shaking too
But not of anger, of regret
And as you, smiling, carry on
My mind you further set

And now your tears do turn to smiles
While I sit here and shake
But that's okay, for I wont cry
Because I'm the only one awake

Awake to all your empty words
And your temporary lies
Because every time I fix one thing
Another something dies

So I'll pretend that now I'm happy
That the two of you feel such
But I'll just sit and shake and write and watch
Because I hate this farce so much

I speak and still you do not look
So I scribble you away
And I will keep my hateful little book
As I regret more day by day

Like pencil mark on stitched up sally
I'll slowly fade to eyes
These eyes that look with naught but shame
That hide my soul that shall not fly

Half eaten cookies on the cloth
That I rest my feet upon
And here I'll stay in ray of light
Until it's washed out by the dawn

You whine and talk and laugh and rock
And look at me like I'm insane
But that's okay, I really am
And knowing cancels out the pain