Dare I say that I'm obsessed
And you're the meaning of my life
Yet though I know I love you
You're the cause of all my strife

I find you all around me
I see you almost every day
But you have failed to notice me
And still I cannot look away

Your image
I can't seem to shake
It's there when I'm dreaming
And remains when I wake

I'm wrapped up in this game of hearts
And it's driving me insane
My thoughts and all my feelings
Are maddening to contain

I've tried to forget you
To ease off the pain
But in my mind you'll stay
For my love will not wane

Perhaps I'm just imagining
And none of this is real
But I cannot deny my own mind
And everything I feel

A tiny smile
But not too bold
For there's another
I've been told

You catch my eye
Then look away
I'm wondering if
You'll ask someday

Its killing you
Though it's hard to tell
I think I know you
All too well

And it's hurting me
As much as you
We can't stay like this
It can't continue

I can't understand
Why you don't see
That we are one
We're meant to be

Well be together
Hand in hand
The years we've wasted
Turned to sand

That'll be when
You tell me it's true
But until then
Ill be waiting on you