Once upon a time, Mary was talking to her dear friend Jenny online. Jenny lives down the street from Mary, and they have been known to eat Christmas cookies in Mary's kitchen during light night snows while anticipating Christmas Break. So anyways, while the two were talking online, Jenny asked to borrow Mary's My Chemical Romance CD. Mary was glad to share since she was fully preoccupied with her new System Of A Down CD. However, Mary was terrified to venture into the streets of their perfect suburbia for fear of ever-present aliens. Laziness was also a factor in the reluctance, partly because Mary had been having a simply dreadful day entirely. Jenny, being the genius that she is, suggested that Mary wear a disguise to successfully avoid the aliens of undoubtedly malicious intent. Mary found this a wondrous idea, and began hunting for a disguise. She discovered an over-sized tweed trench coat, a red scarf, and a hat covered in feathers and nets that looked entirely batty and was entirely too small. She donned the jacket, tied the scarf securely around her face, and put on the bird-hat. She got her CD and bravely stepped outside the door, accompanied by a peculiar glance from her less-than-perfect mother. After stepping outside, she found her young brother Jimmy sitting on the porch doing his math homework. Mary would have loved to stop to chat, but she had urgent business to take care of. She sprinted barefoot down the street of her perfect suburbia, wearing her oversized trench coat and bird-hat with her face concealed by her scarf. In no time at all she was laughing hysterically. This seemed, to say the least, clinically insane to the sunshiny dyed-blond dog-walking soccer mom she passed on her way to Jenny's house. Seeing the middle-aged Barbie doll staring, Mary said "hi" through her raucous laughter. Needless to say, she received to reply except an astonished and equally disgusted stare. She continued to run, and spotted Jenny emerging from her house. Her older brother who already though Mary was too much of a tomboy to be straight was there too, and their neighbor. Mary received substantial stares from both of the extra onlookers. Mary produced the much coveted, and rightly so, My Chemical Romance CD from her trench coat. The two shared a brief laugh but quickly turned back to their own homesteads to avoid certain death by aliens. As Mary sprinted back home, holding her hat to her head, she came back across the soccer mom, but did not look this time, cursing herself for even speaking to it, it may well have been an alien. Mary charged up her driveway and as she approached, the blubberous lump, better known as Jimmy, asked her what the heck she was doing. "I'm incognito!" she replied enthusiastically, slamming headlong into the wall. She yanked open the door after a quick recovery and rushed into the cool darkness of her reluctant home, unscathed by aliens and fully cured of the blues, at least momentarily. And that, possums and pickles, is how Jenny Westerhoff saved Mary Keegans soul from the blues.