I know a girl with killer eyes
An inner flame that out-burns hell
Who would kill to just get out of here
And to let go her rebel yell

That girl, she can play mean guitar
And pours her heart into her song
'Cause it's the only happiness she gets
And even that joy won't last long

She'll sit and let her fingers bleed
Just to know she's still alive
Strumming red her guitar strings
The stain of music's soul revived

She'd run through sleet and snow and rain
Just to reach the music store
And listen to her lonely friends
But still wanting something more

She wants more than the empty discs
More than this school, these friends
More than just her family
More than these tears that never end

'Cause she's my little guitar-girl
Sitting on the bathroom floor
Cryin' through those killer eyes
And wanting something more