I'm telling you, my dear kind friend
The letters are all wrong
Because the Council's seen the wall
We've heard the nothing song

And how I want to show you
All the black that I have seen
But they were buried in the forest
Amidst polluted grays and greens

Perhaps some day we'd dig them up
If our shovel weren't broken
And we'd weep out all the blatant lies
So long ago were spoken

But it's too late for that to happen
The secrets buried far too deep
My tears have dried up with my heart
Consumed by solitary sleep

And how I'd love to tell you things
To simply cry and talk
But the disease is quickly spreading
And I'm just too weak to walk

And please don't try to find me
These woods are just too thick
And I fear that if you took my hand
You too would soon get sick

For this infection is consuming
And I'm dying every day
So please tell Jeremiah
That there simply is no way

Because I'm buried by the twisted tree
Where trust tripped up and fell
And sophomore hallway, simply put
Is much too far away from hell

And even if you ran the length
To try to save my heart
I'm just so close to dying
I would be too soon torn apart

My hopelessness is far too dark
And has felt death's dry kiss
So please stay here in the light with Rose
And remember me by this

I love you both with all my heart
And I'm sorry, but I tried
And I could have lived out life with you
If only loved ones hadn't lied

These things, too old to talk about
Too long to be a phase
Too little to dig my way out
And just too late to save