Beating her fists on the wall,
She braces herself for the breakdown.
She wants everything right again,
But she's being held down -
Her life is controlled with ambiguous force
And it frustrates her more.

She wants to see him,
But barriers restrict her actions.
She wants to leave them -
However, she's always denied.
They tell her that it's for the better
And now she's being taken away;
Nothing's going to be "okay".

She's tired of weeping,
Tired of seeing her broken silhouette,
Tired of feeling emptiness,
When she knows she can feel something.
She needs to know what the hell is wrong with her -
It's not fair -
It was her life;
They have no right to ruin it.

Sometimes she prays that her actions
Will pay off for her impotence
And yet, nothing comes along.
She's left stranded in silence.
Music revolves around her thoughts -
It's to be her escape;
No one believes her,
She can't perceive them,
She braces herself for the breakdown.

The walls are caving in,
As her arms start to tire -
She can no longer hold this structure up;
It's too easily falling apart.
She wants so much,
But loses sight of it easily -
Gives up too early,
Knows, but tells herself,
"Everything's going to be okay."

Some days she sits and cries,
Hours and minutes pass her by,
She feels hopeless, helpless, and struggles to hold on.
They support her and, yet, can't support her
For no one can be there.
This broken silhouette is breaking even more -
Who will be there to help her stand once again?

Silent whispers resound throughout her being -
She screams to be heard but is ignored.
Nothing she does is ever good enough.
They try to help,
But they make it worse for her.
She dreams of things to be done
And then awakes to hidden nightmares.
She knows that it can't be changed
And what she says doesn't accomplish the chore.

This broken silhouette is bending over;
The weight of this structure's agony is killing her slowly -
She expresses it through frustration and realization
That everything proclaimed is a lie.
Her broken silhouette tries to stand,
But falls to the earth,
As she realizes her standing up
Will only make it fall down faster.