Summary: (Title sucks, I know) Unfortunately for Jill, on her very first day at a high school as a transferred student, she got in a fight with the school's most popular guy, Jay! Because of this, the whole school hates her, except one girl; her only friend. To make it worse, Jill's also in love with guy's best friend, the second most popular guy in school, Jason Riley. This is a story that tells how she juggles between trying to win the boy's love at the same time having a witty, sneaky and viciously humiliating war with Jay, each trying to make the other's life miserable. A 90 percent humour story! So don't take it too seriously! ;)



Part One: Boy Annoys Girl


Ever since the day we met, I hated him.

I mean, c'mon! I'm just an innocent, 14-year-old, transferred student who didn't even know who the hell he was!

But no-o-o-o-o! He had to act like some 'every-girl-likes-me' kind of idiot with one hundred percent total arrogance.

It all began on my first day at this dreadful school.

Being myself, a horrible timer, I woke up late on my very first day to a new school.

Quickly, without bothering to eat breakfast, I slipped on my roller blades and glided towards the school like mad. It was the first time I've been down this path, and to make things worse, I was speeding down like crazy! I could hardly control myself!

When I was somewhat near my destination, I failed to notice a sign that said: Warning—Bumpy Road Ahead.

What happened next wasn't exactly graceful. Let's see, how do I put this… well, the roads got very bumpy (needless to say), and before I knew what was happening, I was flying through the air—literally—and landed face down on the ground, invoking a puff of dirt-clouds.

When I opened my eyes, all I saw was this pair of expensive looking running shoes. I think I was hypnotized after that. I know they were just shoes, but they had this manliness along with exquisiteness. It would sure take a guy with style to wear it.

A hand struck out. I held onto it as someone pulled me up. I came face to face with a boy around my age.

He smiled and ruffled at his dark, brown hair. "Are you okay?" He asked.

"Yeah… I'm okay. Thanks for helping me up." I tugged a strand of my chocolate-coloured hair behind my ear. What beautiful turquoise eyes he has… I thought to myself. "I'm Jill." I said, sticking out my hand with an appealing smile.

"I'm Jason. Nice to meet yo—"

There was a snort beside him. Well, if it isn't Mr. Expensive-Sneakers. "Clumsy fool." He said, slapping my hand away. "C'mon Jason, why waste time talking to someone as klutzy as her?" He smirked at me. "Sorry honey, guess I won't be your boyfriend anytime soon!" He winked.

Okay, WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT? Who the hell does this moron think he is, huh? Jason's such a nice guy, how could he possibly have that pig as a friend?! God, what is happening to the world these days? "You know what? You're such a self-centred dolt! Hasn't anyone ever told you? Who the hell do you think you are anyways? And why in the world would you think I'd want to go out with someone as nasty and gross as your fac—"

He patted my cheek and ran his other hand through his pure blonde hair. "Whatever, sweet cheeks. Every girl I've met always end up falling madly in love with me. You're no different. See you in school." And with that, he left with Jason, who looked back and gave me an apologetically look.

Ok, like that was just totally rude! Maybe he does have very impressive hair that fell over his eyes attractively, and just because his blue eyes were very beautiful, it does not mean I like him! Oh yeah, and he also had a cool sway when he walked, but I do not and never will, like him!

I ended up late anyways because I was too busy thinking about Mr. Arrogant-Jerk-Who-Wears-Very-Nice-And-Expensive-Shoes. Yup. Since I didn't know his name, I'll call him that for now. The bastard…

I was lucky though, because it turns out, the bloody teacher was later than me! Yeah, you heard me right. A teacher was later than me. What kind of school is this? First there's over-self-confident assholes running around, and now, there are irresponsible teachers. Great.

I walked into the classroom. The first thing I noticed was that all the girls was crowded in one corner in the back. I was about to join them and introduce myself, until I realized they were crowding around someone.

I scowled at the sight. If it isn't Mr. Arrogant-Jerk-Who-Wears-Very-Nice-And-Expensive-Shoes. Damn. Why does he have to in my class? Wait, so does this also mean Jason's in my grade? So I may have some classes with him too? Now that, is a fine thought.

I headed towards the seat at the very front of the class on the opposite corner. For about a whole, lazy and draggin' minute, all I heard were those stupid girls gawking over him.

"Oh mi God! That's so cute!"

"Aww! You have such nice hair!"

"Wow! I love your new shirt!"

"Like, you've got the sexiest smile I've ever seen, honey!"

I could've sworn someone said, "kiss me, baby!"

Yuck. I think I'm going to puke… right on him. Can't believe he wasn't joking when he said every girl loved him. Talk about sick.

I looked back in disgust. And like the chain of unfortunate events that follows in my life, another one was added. He saw me looking at him. Great. This is just perfect! Now he'll think I was secretly admiring him or something of that sort! Wonderful! God that guy's gotta take his ego down a notch!

I quickly turned away and prayed he wouldn't say anything. He didn't say anything all right; he got up and sat beside me. "Hey babe." He touched my hair and smelt it.

Immediately, I could feel the thousands of daggers aimed at me by those dimwitted girls from his 'fan club', and that included, uh, let's see, everyone.

I pushed him away. "Do you mind?"

He smirked. "I can do whatever I want to, to anyone I want to. Let me prove it to you." He leaned in, and kissed me.

He. Kissed. Me.

Okay that guy has got balls doing that to me! Hell you have no idea how mad I was when he did that! I would've threw him in a pot of boiling oil if there was one near by, I would peels off his skin if I had a knife! But I didn't have anything! And I couldn't react! No one, has ever violated me like that, ever! I could feel the hot steam exploding out of my head! My eyes widened watching him looking all pleased with his ugly self. "YOU!" I screamed. "YOU STOLE MY FIRST KISS YOU SONOFABITCH!"

He bowed. "I know you're interested by my performance, but please, this doesn't prove for me to have any sort of feelings for a klutz like you. You're too clumsy for my taste."

That just blew my top, and I went crazy. "DO YOU NOT HAVE ANY SHAME? THE WORLD DOES NOT REVOLVE AROUND YOU, YOU EGOMANIAC!" I was so angry I literally could not find the words to express it. "ARGH! YOU BASTARD!" I lifted my hand and slapped him across the face, hard.

And guess what? The stupid teacher came in at that precise moment! "You!" She cried. "Name!"

I growled. "Jill Lorisset." I said through gritted teeth, hoping Mr. Arrogant-Jerk-Who-Wears-Very-Nice-And-Expensive-Shoes is currently feeling pain. Lots of pain.

"Office! Now!"

I threw a dirty look towards Mr. Arrogant-Jerk-Who-Wears-Very-Nice-And-Expensive-Shoes.

He seemed very shocked as he rubbed his cheeks with a slightly opened mouth. What? Never been slapped before? I thought to myself. Pcha! With attitude like that, surprised someone didn't dissect him yet!

My question was soon answered. No, he hasn't ever been slapped before, because all the guys treated him like God, and all the girls practically kisses the grounds he walks on! Who'd have though he was this popular?

And hell no, I do not regret slapping him.

He left me alone for the next two days. Maybe he was afraid of me.

I only made one friend, however, because all the guys were spending too much time cooing over their 'God' to notice there's a new student, and all the girls were too busy kissing his feet and being vindictive to me for getting a kiss I didn't even want.

The one friend I made was named Lera Khan. She wasn't as busy treasuring the grounds some nasty ass crack steps on, because she was in love with one of Mr. Arrogant-Jerk-Who-Wears-Very-Nice-And-Expensive-Shoes' friends. Some dude named Lee something. Forgot his last name.

I was okay with just hanging out with her—and sometimes Jason—but I was not okay with science class.

Want to know why? I'll tell you why.

My science teacher, Mrs. Godley assigned us partners for dissecting on the first day of school. And that partner was to stay for the rest of the year. She began calling out random names. Soon, it reached me.

"Jill Lorisset, you will go with… Jay Ranson."

"Who's Jay?" I asked.

The classroom was suddenly silent and let me tell you kids here are never even close to being quiet. I felt a bit self-conscious. "You don't know who Jay is?" Some snobby little princess questioned.

"No, why?" I replied.

"I, am Jay." A voice said, and that person stood up with that famous smirk of his.

I don't think something as horrible as this can happen to me ever, again! Jay Ranson, is Mr. Arrogant-Jerk-Who-Wears-Very-Nice-And-Expensive-Shoes!

I felt my whole body melting away. Before I knew what I was doing, I screamed, "HELL NO! ANYONE BUT THIS BLOCKHEAD! PLEASE! I BEG OF YOU! I HATE THIS NASTY THING!"

Mrs. Godley gave me a shocked look, but the girls were all smiling. Now there was hope he might end up with one of them. Well, let them hope and pray, they can have him for all I care! "Well, if you really don't want—"

"Jill's my partner. I'm not taking anyone else." Jay stated firmly.

Again, I was stabbed by the many daggers shot towards me, from like, uh, everyone.

I stared at him in shock. "What did you say?"

"You heard me, we're partners for the rest of the year."

"Well, I guess it's settled then." Mrs. Godley said, writing down our names.

I yanked hard at my hair. "I can't believe I'm stuck with you! Ugh! Arrrrgh! I hate you!" Why do all the teachers spoil him?

He smirked that famous smirk of his. "I love you too!"

For the whole entire damn period, I dissected the frog, I did all the work, I wrote down all the answers, while all that stupid Jay did was suck on his toes and copy off of my paper!

When the teacher asked questions, he would point a finger at me and say, "her job!" And whenever I answered something wrong, it's always my fault. If I answered something right, he says, "I taught her that!"

AAAAAH! That stupid little, little… BLUE BIRD! Yeah, that's his new nickname. You know, Jay, blue jays, those bird thingies. Oooh! I can't stand him!

And that was the way my messed up science class continued as. He flirts with every single girl he comes across, kisses anyone even if he just dissed them up. The dumb thing is, those girls don't even care! Can you believe I actually heard them comparing the number of kisses they've received from him?

I mean how loser-ish can you get? What's there to like about that, that… no, ugly would be a lie… um… handsome guy with a thoroughly vulgar attitude? The personality matters much more than the looks! Those shallow girls…

And to make me hate him more, he turned out to be this totally romantic guy who could swell up your heart in a matter of seconds! Let me show you what I mean…

It just happened that I finally had the last straw with him.

We were in science class, and I just couldn't take it anymore! Why is it that he gets to sleep all day while I do all the work?!

"You lazy pig! Get your butt off that chair this instant yeh hear?" I cried giving him a hard kick.

He blinked and immediately jumped up. The whole class shuts up right away—another one of those rare moments. Yet this time I was not self-conscious at all. I was too angry to care! "Would you stop picking your face and do some work for once? I'm sick of this! Why is it that I do all the work and you get the credits? I've had absolutely enough!

"You know what? From this day forth, if you don't do anything, I won't do anything either, got it?" I couldn't find anything else to say and that feeling is very frustrating. So, instead, I shouted, "ugh! I hate you!" Then I grabbed my half dissected frog with my plastic gloves and threw it right on his face.

I stormed out the room after that.

First class in the afternoon, I just happen to have it with that annoying Blue Bird. I walked in class five minutes early, and to my surprise, he was waiting for me.

"Hey beautiful." He said.

"W-What?" I stuttered.

"Just like to say a few things to you…" He took a few steps towards me until we were close enough to kiss.

I got very nervous. "W-What do you want from me?" I'm sorry to admit this, but I was blushing. Yes, you heard me right. Blushing. Well, he was very—uh, kind of, cute up close…

Then I don't know how or when or where or why, but he pulled a long-stem rose from behind him and teased me a little with it.

"Lovely rose, I should say, my darling, but nowhere near as lovely as you. To me, a rose as dazzling as this, represents a token of my love."

I swear, if he doesn't stop soon, I think I'm going to blush to death.

"I sincerely apologize for being so un-thoughtful in science class. Next time, let me do all the work; I'll be glad to serve you, babe." Then he held out the rose and brushed the pedals by my cheek. "Please accept this, my love."

I held up my trembling hand and accepted it. "Thank you…" I squeaked.

"No problem." He leaned in and kissed me slowly on the cheek.

You wouldn't believe this but I was swooning with happiness! I looked down at the rose with a light smile. Is it possible for him to actually like me? I asked myself. Maybe all this time, he was just playing hard to get! Perhaps that's why he kissed me on my first day here—

My thoughts were distracted by his voice.

"Hey beautiful." He said to somebody else in the same husky tone.

I was too shocked to be mad just yet. "Jay? What are you doing?" Yes, my friends, I actually said his real name… in a desperate voice.

He cornered the girl the same way he did to me, then turned and replied casually, "It's 3rd of the month. Every girl gets a rose, a kiss on the cheek and a good look at me on this day."

You have no clue how taken aback I was when he said that. The flower seemed to be withering away in my hands.

And so, for the next 10 minutes, the whole class—including the teacher—was watching Blue Birdie Dude seduce one girl after another, then handing roses to them. Man, this must be a monthly routine if the teacher was waiting!

During class, I could constantly hear those brainless bitches—

Nah, that's too mean, after all it's not their fault Jay's such seducer. Anyhow, I could constantly hear those brainless girls comparing who got the best rose!

"I have the brightest!"

"I have the largest!"

"I have the longest!"

"I have the most blossomed!"

I think I'm getting a really bad headache.

Goodness sakes, if fitting in with these people meaning becoming one of those dweebs and start gawking after That Bird? Pah! I think I'll just stay as an outsider if that's the case.

After school that day, I was totally pissed off at him for tricking me, at myself for falling for his tricks, and at him again for everything!

"—I mean who does he think he is? Just because he's a little good-looking it doesn't indicate anything! How dare he play with my feelings like this? Ooooh! He better watch out, because I'm going to kick his butt all the way to the other side of the world!

"And can you believe I actually thought he was serious? But that's not the point—it's his fault for tricking me! He knows I'm new here, he knows I didn't know about his 'monthly routines' and he just had to do that to me first! What a thickheaded idiot! And most of all, he has no shame! He's never embarrassed about these pathetically-pathetic things he does, and it disgusts me to death!"

"You can shut up now you know. Anytime now. You've been complaining about Jay for the last ten minutes." Lera said, yawning.

I sighed. "I'm sorry Lera, but he really pissed me off."

"Yeah, I can tell!" She replied.

"I mean what's the deal with him anyways? Guys like Jason are awfully cute too—and much nicer—but all the girls are sucking up to him!"

"Do you really want to know?"

I blinked at her seriousness. "Yeah, sure, what's up?'

Lera took a deep breath. "Believe it or not, he's not just a sexy face with a perfect body. There's more to him than that.

"He was born to some very famous clan somewhere around the world, and he is to inherit everything when he reaches twenty. Which means, he'll be a multi-billionaire and also the leader of that clan!

"That's not all. Ever since he was five, he was to train very hard mentally and physically. He had always been home schooled until last year. Everybody was too strict and hard on him back home, and it was too pressuring. So, he begged his mom, and after months of determination, she finally agreed to let him go to a public school until he proves he does not deserve privilege. Oh, I should let you know, his dad died when he was seven.

"Even though he doesn't do any work for you in science, if you get a peek at his report card marks, you'll notice he gets perfect for like everything. No joke. The reason he 'sucks on his toes' as you put it, is because he learned all the stuff already, so it bores him. Is that enough information?"

I stared at her with my jaws dropped open. "How do you know all this?"

"How do you not know about this? Go to ' it tells you all about him."

"Wow…" I muttered. "He's that famous?"


So, for the next week or whatever, I avoided him completely. Knowing all that from Lera, I don't think I want to let my anger loose on him anymore. But it's just so hard not to! I guess not being around him is the only way that helps.

If you're wondering about my sudden change of mind, it's not that hard to figure out. I mean sure I've been quite 'cheeky' and 'rude' (only in his opinion) to him, but I haven't gone that far yet (right?). And now, I'm afraid that if one day he finally has the last straw with me, he can probably stuff me in jail for a lifetime with his reputation!

Strangely enough, he left me alone too… Only for two glorious weeks.

On a Wednesday, while I sat in the cafeteria with Lera, he spotted me. "Hey Jill." He said, walking towards me with that walk I loved but also hated because I loved it. Ok, that did not make any sense did it?

"What do you want?" I asked coolly. Now is a perfect example of a time when I wish I had never known how much power he really has so I can diss him up with plenty of pleasure.

"Why are you so cold to me, Jill? I'm always so nice, giving you roses and kisses. What more can a girl ask for?"

I had to stop myself from laughing right in his face then spitting on him. Uh, let's try a little, uh, ANIT-JAY! I thought secretly, but didn't voice it. "I don't want anything from you." I replied in an even cooler voice.

"Tsk, tsk. That's no way to talk to me, is it Jill? I can feel a chill spreading over my body from your harsh words. I ought to let you know what the coldness feels." He reached out and grabbed the mushy pudding I was about to eat, and poured it all over me.

The cold dripped from my hair, to my neck and through my shirt.

Laughter erupted around me. Mr. Jay—pardon me, Gay—just looked at me innocently and walked away.

I began to shake with rage, my face burned with madness.

"Jill? Are you okay?" Lera squealed. I didn't hear her, I was much too furious to notice her! To notice anybody!

That is it! That is undeniably it! Leader or not, perfect or not, no one has the right to do this to me! No one bosses me, Jill Lorisset around! No one does this kind of thing to me and gets away with it you hear? Absolutely NO ONE! Not even that famous son of a bitch! That, was, the absolutely, final, straw.

Jay Ranson is about to pay, big time!

To Be Continued…