The Untold Confessions of a Hopeless Romantic

By: Aithene

Chapter One

"Money! I need money!" a shout was heard throughout a small apartment. Isobel came out of her room looking disgruntled and gloomy. She plopped herself on one of the tall chairs that surrounded the bar.

Isobel was a short, curvy girl with short raven locks highlighted with a nice shade of auburn. Her hair framed her face but her long bangs were in disarray.

She closed her eyes, groaning. 'Oh, my god! Where am I going to get a job? It's like the whole world is against me; all the good jobs are taken. I just need a job!' She pulled her hair in distressed.

'I need money for the college field trip. I mean a once in a lifetime trip to travel around Europe! If only I were rich like Adri.' She thought with a sigh. Her stomach intervened, rumbling to announce breakfast was sorely needed. Opening her refrigerator she took out milk and an apple. She fumbled through breakfast since her mind was somewhere else.

'Jobs, I guess I could go for something small. Maybe a secretary or working at a restaurants.' Gulping down her milk, she nearly choked when there was a bang as the front door opened.

"Isobel! I have great news!" a voiced boomed out laced with excitement. A very pretty girl came walking swinging her long sandy blond looking very haughty.

"Hey! Adri, I didn't know you were coming!" Isobel said. She stared at her outfit. It was impeccable as always but this time it was very, very sexy. Adri loved her outfits to be only designers, Gucci, Prada, Dior, etc… Well, today she wore an Oscar de La Renta dress that clung to her ultra thin body. It was magenta (something Isobel would change) and had a full bottom skirt. Adri completed her outfit with Prada black stilettos.

Adri noticed Isobel staring at her outfit and smirked. 'Ha! Now I'll show her that she's nothing and I'm the best.' She almost instantly plastered a fake smile.

"Like it?" She twirled around to give her the full 360'. Isobel smiled, "You look great! But what's the occasion?" Adri smirked evilly inside her dark mind. "Oh, a date!" Her voiced held some smugness which Isobel didn't noticed.

"Really? With who?" Isobel questioned eating her apple. She knew Adri was pretty where she wasn't. Adri always had a long line of suitors or "gentlemen callers" mind you. But she didn't. Her romantic life had taken a nose dive about a year and a half of ago.

"George." The name hang out in the thick air that tensed up. Isobel almost to forget to breath. Adri noticed and smirked even more and her mind was doing a victory dance.

"Isobel, is it okay? I mean I won't go out with him if you don't want?" Isobel shook her head violently and breathed.

"No, its okay. Remember I told you I was over him? Well, I am. If you want to date him, then do it. I wish you the best." Adri squealed and hugged Isobel. "You're a doll."

"Just one question. How did you meet him?" Isobel knew her voice was strained.

We bumped into each other at a opening and just click. We talked and ending up going out to clubs when he said he was interested in seeing me seriously. I have to go though, I have to go to a photo shoot. Chao!" She shut the door. Outside Adri laughed and smiled evilly.

'I'm going to take you down Isobel.'

Isobel finished her apple and threw it in the garbage. George was her first and only relationship she had her entire life. She was pathetic she knew but after George cheated on her all the time. She clenched her fist. She didn't even found out who was the slut who slept with him.

She cleaned her kitchen furiously, releasing her wrath on poor defenseless dishes. 'I guess I have to just deal with it. I mean she should be able to date whoever she likes. Whenever, well, maybe not during marriage. But yeah. Wow, Isobel you could get lost in your own thoughts sometimes.'

But somehow the thought of George when they were dating kissing some other girl was tattooed on her mind.

'Argh.' She wiped off her sweat off her forehead and was about to grab the broom but decided not too. She ran for the shower for refreshment and some forgetting.

Getting out, she pulled on some khaki flare pants and a nice black long sleeve shirt. Grabbing her black purse and keys, she walked out.

"Time for some job hunting!"

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