Chapter Two: Mysterious Man and a Plot

By: Aithene

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Isobel stepped out of her Florida apartment and smiled. The sun was shining and everyone was busy going to work. Grabbing the job listings, she walked on. She tried to feel happy but thoughts of George filled her mind.

'I just have to not think of it. I have to not think about it! But, George going out with my best friend. My best friend going out with George. Why does it feel so wrong? Do I still love him?' She frowned. 'I know I told everyone I'm over him but then again am I? Am I?' Isobel walked around deep in thought.

Stumble and fall. Not what she really had in mind.

"Oy! Are you okay?" Someone asked her from above.

'Oh great! This just made my day. Embarrassing myself in front of strangers.' She thought as got up. She looked up to find a very friendly-looking girl. "Need some help?" the mysterious girl asked.

"No thanks." Isobel smiled. "I'm Isobel. I'm sorry I fell. I was not paying attention."

The girl smiled back. She ran a hand through her jagged purple hair. "No problem. I'm Celeste." The girl noticed a newspaper on the ground where Isobel had fallen. "Is this yours?" Picking it up she saw job listings. "Oh? Do you need a job?"

Isobel nodded vigorously. "Yes! Desperately!" Celeste laughed and Isobel noted her laugh was musical. "I think I can help you out! There's this club that's really artsy and noted for having bands famous underground play there. It pays and they're hiring."

Isobel looked at Celeste like she was proclaiming that she was God her on earth and salvation is coming. "Are you serious?" she gasped. Celeste laughed, doubling up. "Wow! You weren't kidding when you said you needed a job! Sure, don't worry. I'm the manager of the place. My father owns it."

Isobel hugged Celeste hard. "Oh! Thank you! Thank you so much!"

Celeste smiled. "Friends?" she said sticking out her hand. Isobel grinned ear to ear. "Friends!"

Adri sighed. 'Another photo shoot done and now what?' She entered her penthouse apartment in a chic complex.

Sighing once more she checked out her outfit. 'Perfect' She thought, grinning. 'This is going to blow his mind.' She smiled evilly this time and chuckled.

'Oh my god! I wish I had a camera to take a picture of her face. It was priceless. And to think she never knew all the time during their sweet high school relationship, it was I who slept with him.' Adri remembered the scene perfectly. She stamped it in her mind.

She paused, fixing her makeup. 'Well, I guess she deserves it after stealing his heart. He was mine. I wanted him. But now I got him and I'm going to make Isobel pay.' She laughed hysterically.

The phone sang shrilly interrupting Adri's psycho laugh session. Coughing, she picked it. "Hello?" She said annoyed. "Yo! Babe. Are you ready? I'm coming with the limo."

Smiling, feeling giddy and victorious, she replied, "Hey honey bunch! Oh yes. I'm ready and waiting." She said in a sultry and seductive voice. "Come down then. I'm here."

Adri squealed. "You're here already? Okay I'm coming." She ran as fast as she could with huge heels. Checking herself in the mirror, she smiled. 'Let's get him.'

Isobel was happy. She gained a new friend, got a new job and is now working for a really cool place. She was now a waitress. Not the profession she had in mind but hey.

"Now this is Jack the chef with his assistant Mia." Celeste said pointing to a bearded guy and a blonde with bright green streaks who smiled and waved. "Jack can cook the best meals! You should try." Jack smiled and held his head high. Mia laughed and poked him. "Without me though you wouldn't keep this job!" Mia said.

"This is Matt. One of our bartenders. Sally, who isn't here yet, but she's the other bartender." Matt waved and Isobel smiled. She liked his Mohawk. It was huge.

"People here are so nice." She waved back. Celeste nodded her head. "Yeah. We're all a little wired but most of us are nice. We're a little tight on waitresses so it's you, me and my boyfriend Alfie." Celeste turned a little pink and Isobel smiled. "Hey Alfie! I need a second!"

A guy with chin length dirty blonde hair came over. He stumbled a little but came over with a sweet smile. "Hey Celeste. Who's this?" Celeste hugged Alfie and then turned to Isobel. "This is our new waitress Isobel. Isobel this is Alfie." They shook hands. "Well, I got to go. See you around." Alfie once again stumbled but kept walking.

Adri shook her head and sighed. "That guy, he is so clumsy. But so sweet." She turned a delicate shade of pink. "Well, I think that's everyone…Oh yeah! Come here. There is one more guy." She grabbed Isobel's wrist and pulled her towards a cash register.

"Constantine! Yo!" She called to the back. Constantine came from underneath the cash register. Both girls squeaked in surprise. "Sheesh! Constantine, you could kill us you know. You're defiantly not good for my heart." Constantine just smirked and put a quarter into the register. Isobel couldn't believe what she just saw. He was beautiful in her eyes. Constantine had curly, chin-length brown hair that Isobel itched to touch. His green was, she noticed blushing, was staring into hers. She stared back.

"Hey, this is Isobel and she is going to be our new waitress." Isobel smiled and put out her hand. Constantine smirked and shook her hands. His rough fingers stroked her lightly. She flushed a little. "It's nice meeting you, Constantine." "And I, the same." Constantine replied in his monotone voice. Celeste wondered what she stumbled in. Awkward for her.

"Okay well let's go into the back and get you ready for tonight." Celeste walked to the back and disappeared. Isobel smiled and tore her eyes from Constantine's. He was so mysterious. 'And gorgeous.' She thought.

"Hey! Here's a uniform. And she took out a pretty blue dress that went up to her knees. It was slim and had a dark blue apron that said, "The Aurora" in big block letters. "Okay, put this on. It's yours. Today a band called Robots, Baby is playing. I'm pretty excided 'cause they're my favorite. So it's pretty busy." Celeste checked the pockets of the apron. "Now here's a notepad and a pencil and you know the rest?"

Isobel laughed. "Yes, I waitressed before." "Good, because I hate explaining things. Okay put it on and go to Alfie. He'll tell you what table to go to." She nodded and left.

Isobel went into the bathroom and put on the uniform. It fit perfect. She wasn't skinny nor was she fat. But she was curvy. She sighed. 'Well it's perfect. I got a job that I needed. But is it going to last?' She put her hair up in a pony tail. Her hair was short so her some layers escaped and framed her face. Sighing, she tucked it behind her ears. "Okay time to work." Walking out she hummed her favorite song.




"Ouch!" She cried grabbing her forehead. Not what she was expecting.

"Are you okay?" She looked up to see green eyes intently looking at her with concern. "Oh, yes. I'm okay. I'm really sorry that I ran into you." She apologized. 'He's tall. But then again, I'm short. And he's got some beautiful eyes.'

"It's okay." He said with a nod and walked away. She watched as he walked away. 'He is nice, I guess. But really quiet. Hmm. What's this?' She picked a book that was next to her feet. 'Hamlet? Shakespeare? Hmm. He reads like I do. That's nice.' She put the book with her purse. I'll give it to him after work.'

She walked up to Alfie who was putting some glasses on his tray. "Hey, it's Isobel, right?" "Yeah." "I got a name right? Woohoo!" He danced around in a victory dance. Isobel giggled. "Okay then. I guess you get those people who enter. Lead them to an empty table and wait on them. You know the ropes." Isobel nodded and grinned. Alfa smiled back and handed her a tray.

"Welcome to the Aurora!"

Adri smiled at George who kissed her. "George, I told Isobel I'm going out with you." "Oh, and her response?"

She tossed her hair. "She just stiffened up and said whatever, I could. But, I didn't tell her it was I who you cheated on."

"Good. So what's your plan, huh, Adri?" George smirked.

"Plan? I don't know what you mean." She tossed her hair back again, her voice haughty.

"Come on, Adri. I know you a lot better than that."

"Fine, I'll tell you the plan. But just listen."

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