There aren't enough words in existence,
To express what I feel,
To let you know how much I care,
And how much you mean to me.

How is it possible
To know someone and their emotions,
From a piece of paper?
I stare, intently, in your eyes,
Trying to decipher your thoughts,
But find no answers.

You stand in all your glory,
Looking as unadulterated innocence can seem -
A model to the mind's eye;
You're forever stuck in that holding position,
And yet, I love it.

In dreams, you hold me,
Produce symphonies of love.
You're real, and I can touch you -
Comfort you, let you know that I'm here.

You've heard this before
And even I don't know for sure,
But it comes from your heart
The words burned on the flaming paper before you.

People expect you to love them,
But your heart holds no vacancies.
You're true to yourself
And comfort me in the darkest of times.

How can we love an image?
How can we want a figure?
I know nothing about you
And yet, I can't let go.

They say I'm obsessed -
But I'm not.
While the world around me speaks in silent whispers,
You hold me in gracious tones.

Your eyes speak thousands of unuttered phrases,
Your thoughts reappear in a mirror,
You support me when no one else can -
Yet, you only exist, to me, in pixels.

I can't imagine what it's like
And it kills me when I think about you -
I need you to come through this,
I need to know you're going to be by my side once more -
I need to know.

Thank you for what you've given me.
Thank you for what you've done.
Thank you for experiencing with me,
The toughest of my life.