I'm hiding in the shadows, hoping you won't see

The danger that lies in your path, that's straight inside of me

Only when my blood is spilled shall the world be free

So whose fate shall you seal, you're precious world or me?

A young girl stood shivering in the rain. Hugging her dripping arms around herself, she fought to keep the little warmth she had left in her chest. Wind swelled around her, causing her hair to flutter briefly. In the distance, flashes of bright lightning lit up the dark sky. Thunder rumbled, causing the girl shiver a bit more.

Suddenly, out of the shadows strode a dark figure, a cloak billowing around him.

"Are you the one they call...? Grey Heart?" he growled, slowly pacing around her small form. The girl shivered again.

She slowly turned her head around to face the figure in front of her. Through her sodden tresses, the girl's eyes looked at the figure sadly.

"Yes, I am… I was." She whispered.

Again, lightning flashed, illuminating the dark figure. It appeared to be a man, with hard green eyes that blazed beneath a mat of wild black hair. His cloak billowed around him, occasionally revealing the dark clothes he wore beneath.

"I've been looking for you Grey Heart. You've been quite elusive, I dare say."

He smiled malevolently at her.

"All these months and you were right here. We thought you would have run farther than this."

The girl tried to speak but only etched out a whisper.


"It was inevitable, I suppose, that you were too weak to properly use your powers to their full potential. A shame, quite a shame..."

He laughed. The girl felt her rage begin to build and closed her eyes tightly. She knew she would no come out of this alive...

"Tell me this girl; have you enjoyed what you've done so far? Have you enjoyed ruining the lives of the people you love?" His twisted smile gleamed down on her.


She slumped down onto the coarse pavement. He laughed even harder and suddenly kicked her in the side. After a few minutes of intense torment, he kicked her in the back and held her face down on the pavement.

"How does it feel, Grey, to have a mere human annihilate you?" he inquired as she coughed up spots of crimson blood.

"I, Seytan, will be known across the land as the man who defeated GREY HEART!" he laughed excitedly.

He let her head up and kicked her in the side again. The girl winced in pain. She grasped the man's pant leg tightly.

"Seytan..."I am no longer Grey Heart, for I was only temporary..." She smiled up at him showing her bloody teeth. "Another has been chosen to complete the task I couldn't."

"What?!" He pulled her up by the collar of her shirt. "If you are lying to me..."

"Why would I need to lie at this point," she said weakly, "I'm going to die anyways..."

"If what you say is true, than tonight... Where is she... the new Grey Heart?!


He shook her shoulders violently hoping to get an answer.

"Go to Hell, Seytan..." the girl whispered softly.

Angered at her remark, he tore the pistol from its holster and shot her again and again till he was sure she was dead.

Stunned and angry, the man kicked her lifeless body. He doused it with gasoline and lit a match. He watched it burn slowly and waited until all that was left was burned bone and ash.