Dancing in the Darkness
©2003 Hailey Gaida; Anarchy Star

I'm dancing in the night
I'm singing in the rain
Crying out my heart
And letting out my pain.

Expressing through my actions
Blood runs down my arm
Dancing in the darkness
And causing myself harm.

Eternal storms cloud my vision
I cannot see the light
Crimson kisses adorn my flesh
As I continue this fight.

The wind is strong as it blows
My hair about my face
Dancing in the darkness
As I have fallen from grace

My every move is graceful and slow
Blood trickling to the ground
And endless symphony plays in my head
As I dance to the silent sound.

My voice crys out in words of song
The cuts grow deeper and red
I scream my thoughts and shout my pain
As I wish to not live again.

I'm crying on the inside
And moving all about
Graceful movements, head held high
Inside I scream and shout.

The rain is pouring steadily now
I cannot feel my limbs
Still I continue to dance
My death will come on a whim.

My sliver of faith fades away
As fast as the setting sun
Rain pours down and I stay there
My heart is ready to run

I run away from all of my pain
Expressing myself full out
Death will come on swift wings to those
Who were never able to get out

Dancing in the darkness
Body covered in red
Crying on the inside
And wishing to be dead.