He never saw me there
©2003 Hailey Gaida; Anarchy Star

He never saw me there
Though he looked upon my face
He never saw me crying
I hid it wouthout a trace.

I was crying on the inside
And bleeding all along
On the inside I was hurting
Yet I had done no wrong

I was bleeding on the outside
Knife in my right hand
But he never saw me there
This had not been planned

I did not mean to fall in love
Or to hurt myself again
When he never saw me there
Was when all the pain began

He always looked upon my face
But he never looked inside
He'll never look for me at all
And still I wonder why?

I cried when we were dancing
He was never mine to lose
Crimson kisses adorn my flesh
As he walks into the room

There are words he'll never say
Those words I'd like to hear
As he gently embraces me
And whispers them into my ear.

I'm crying on the inside again
Trying hard not to let it out
My heart is breaking into two
I want to scream and shout.

I'm encased in darkness
The light is growing dim
I'm dying on the inside
All because of him.

He will never see me there
My heart is black as night
From all this pain that I've felt
I'm ready to give up this fight.

If I don't give it up soon
I won't make it through the night
My body will be encased in blood
And I will never see the light.