Wittle Fwuffy Bunny

One day, wittle fwuffy bunny was hopping down the lane, humming a tune that went something like this:

"Oh, I'm a wittle fwuffy bunny

Everywon woves me,

Da wittle fwuffy bunny

Jes everywon woves-I'LL KILL YOU!"

It seems that wittle fwuffy bunny was a cerial killer, with multiple personalities. He started out as "wittle fwuffy bunny", but after a freak accident involving a marshmellow, a probe, and a feather, he began to hate all mankind. Its really too bad that he had to hate people so much. Oh yes, he only killed adults. For some reason, his fwuffy wittle mindset couldnt grasp the thought of children being responcible for his past torment. "Besides," he thought, "they pet me and give me food."

As he finished hopping down the lane, he came around the corner to find a young couple, sitting on a parkbench...well, being a young couple. He pulled out his kinfe as "Big Joe", his killer persona came in control. He bounced up to them and sat, innocently staring up at them. "Aww..." the young woman cooed, "a bunny bunny. Can we plaese take him home, Jeff?" Jeff, being a dog person, said "Sure. We could feed him to Rosco and Bobby Lyn. They would have a great time with this one." Hearing that, Big Joe was furious, so he sprang and hacked away at Jeff's face. The blood loss was so much that Jeff couldnt help but go into shock. Rena, as the young woman was called, didnt even utter a sound. She froze in terror. As soon as wittle fwuffy bunny was through with his latest victim, he said to her "Fank oo for being soo nice to me, wady. Joo might just want to call da doctor for dis guy." And he hopped away into the alley.

A/N: NO animals were harmed in the making of this story. Hope you laugh lots!:D:P