Miyo Himkyoto was a normal 16 year-old girl. She was modest, loved to read books and was a straight A student. Her life was happy until the Accident.


Wake up Miyo, wake up...

"Mom…?" Bright lights flickered and my

"It's ok Miyo. You're safe here..." a voice said.

My vision was fuzzy, but I could see a person in a white coat looking down at me. I squinted up at them. All I could see was white or gray. I tried to move, but my limbs felt hard as rocks. I groaned softly.

"Stop squirming." Another voice said, sounding agitated.

I looked to my left and saw another person in white injecting something into my arm.

I felt a strange feeling in my chest.

"How are her vital signs?" a man asked. I heard the rustle of papers.

"Her blood pressure is still pretty low, but at least the blood is flowing to the new parts." A second person replied.

"N-new parts..?" I whispered. I blinked several times, trying to regain my thoughts.

"Nothing to worry about dear." The second voice replied. Once again, they injected something into my other arm.

"This will help you sleep dear." someone new said.

"No..." I groaned. "W-where is my... mother…" I moaned softly.

"Sleep well dear."

Every thing went dark. Then I lost consciousness. (again)

Ch. 1

"Mom, hurry up!" I cried angrily." I'll be late for school!"

"Ok, ok Miyo, give me another second!" my mom cried from inside her bathroom.

I took a glance at my reflection in the window of living room. My long copper hair was tied back into a low pony tail on my head, my hair hanging below my shoulder blades. My dark green eyes were hidden behind wide brimmed glasses. My sailor-style uniform was dark navy and white. While my uniform skirt was very concealing, I was constantly pulling on my skirt to make it longer. I sighed and headed into the kitchen.

I picked up my book bag from the kitchen table and grabbed the car keys from the key rack.

"If you don't come out in the next 5 seconds, I'll have to drive the car to school!" I yelled.

"I'm not ready to take that risk!" my mom laughed, running out of her room.

My mother's similar copper hair was cut to just above her shoulders. Her eyes were golden hazel instead of green. I had always wondered why I hadn't inherited her beautiful hazel eyes. Mine seemed to never sparkle and were as dull as a board. I handed the keys over to my mother and walked over to the car. We both got in and drove off. We talked about school news and listened to the radio, where we heard about the new type of chemical weapon Japanese scientists had invented. We always did this. It was a tradition.

Seven minutes later, we were at my public high school, Kankishi High. My mom stopped the car and kissed me on the cheek.

"Have a great day Miyo. Remember, boys will be boys, and girls will be girls; don't let either majority get to you."

She smiled at me and I closed the door. I watched her car drive away till it was barely a speck on the horizon. Tugging my skirt down a bit and pushing my glasses up on my nose, I set off down the school courtyard into the building.

Girls and boys laughed and talked all around me, their voices blending in with the chatter of the birds and the buzzing intercom overhead.

"As we all know, the school prom is coming up and we need to have a theme. Any suggestions would be helpful…" the principal barked over the intercom.

Upon entering the main hallway, I noticed several girls giggling in a corner. They were laughing with a group of boys who were pushing around a freshman. The boys had taken his glasses and scattered his books all over the ground. The boy desperately tried to gather his fallen books. I sighed and decided to stop them.

"Hey, why don't you leave him alone!" I yelled over to them.

The girls immediately stopped giggling and the boys looked up from their fun and glared at me.

"I'm quite sure that that freshman hasn't done anything to you, so you should just leave him alone." I said, my voice steady.

The poor freshman grabbed his books and ran off down the corridor, without even looking at me or saying thanks. Typical I guess. Both groups glared at me.

"Why don't you mind your own business, you loser." One girl said, giving me a hateful stare, her mouth curling into a snarl.

"Forget it, she's not worth our time Lira." Another girl snarled, her face full of contempt.

They all then shoved past me and into the courtyard. I glared at them until they were out of sight.

The rest of the morning went unperturbed. I was glad when the bell rang for lunch, for my stomach was rumbling. After lunch I headed to the library to study. When I first glanced around the room, I saw no one. Relieved I sauntered into the room, throwing my books on a nearby table. Turning around, I noticed a guy standing near the K bookcase, his face hidden in a book. He looked up and noticed me, a smile forming on his face.

There was the first time I officially met Yahiko Seiko. Known officially as the King, Yahiko was known as the hottest guy at Kankishi High. His vivid blue eyes always sparkled mischievously, and his black hair was always shining. He was on the swim team, soccer team, and captain of the Karate Team. Yahiko was also president of our Student Board. He was every girls dream guy...

"It's Riyo, right?" he asked me suddenly.

"Actually..," I paused, my cheeks turning pink, "it's Miyo."

I sat at the table where I had thrown my books. Sure, I had talked to him a few times at Student Board meetings, but then there were always five or six others around.

"You're the treasurer of the Board, right?" He put the book down on one of the shelves.

"Oh... no, I-I'm one of her assistants…" I blushed red.

"Well, Miyo, have you come up with any ideas for our prom theme? I need as many sensible ideas as I can get."

He pulled up a chair and sat down across from me at the table. By then, my cheeks were scarlet.

"I uh... I haven't really thought of…."

Just then, Yahiko's girlfriend, Tsubasa Miyazaki, burst in. Basically a blonde bombshell, she is regarded as the Queen Bee of the Kankishi's social ladder. Her lavender eyes hardened when she saw me.

"Yahiko, I've been looking for you everywhere! And…who is this?" she said eyeing me suspiciously.

"Oh, this is Miyo... He looked at me, his eyes sparkling mischievously.

"Uhhh... Miyo Himkyoto..."

He smiled at me. "She was just helping me try to pick out a theme for the prom."

"Whatever. Come on Yahiko, some of the guys need to talk to you about the party tonight." She grabbed his arm, gave me a dirty look and led him out of the room.

"Bye..."He managed to utter to me before she yanked him out the door.

I breathed a large sigh of relief and fell into a chair. For the rest of the period, all I could do was try and catch my breath.

The next few hours passed by so quickly that my mom was picking me up before I knew it. Something was wrong today. My mother was quiet when she picked me up from school. Her usual, "Hey honey, how was your day?" phrase was nowhere to be seen. After of few minutes of awkward silence in the car, I broke the trance.

"Mom, what happened today?"

She didn't answer me but waited a few seconds.

"I lost my job, Miyo." She said quietly, her hazel eyes tearing up.

"They were having lay-offs at work and… I… wasn't important enough… to the company."

A tear fell slowly down her pale cheek. Her lips trembled.

"Oh, Mom...I'm so sorry." I whispered.

She stopped the car on the side of the road. Suddenly, she started sobbing uncontrollably into my lap.

"Oh, Miyo, I can't believe they laid me off", she mumbled between sobs, "I worked so hard for them for 16 years and this is how they repay me. I never skipped a day of work and I was ok with the little money they paid me…

She sobbed even harder, her hands grasping my skirt tightly.

"Mom, this just shows how ignorant they are letting someone like you go..."

"Oh Miyo, I work so hard to support you and me. I feel like I've let you down. How can you ever forgive me?" She looked up at me miserably, tears sliding down her pale cheeks.

"Mom, you haven't let me down. I'll help you find a better job, where they have more benefits and pay more money." I tried to give her my best smile.

She sat up slowly wiping her eyes and gave me a small smile.

"I guess I just needed to let all that out." She glanced down at my damp skirt and laughed quietly.

My mom started up the car again and drove back onto the road. Unfortunately, the traffic had already built up quite a bit before we were back on the road. A long line of cars was in head of us.

"Darn. I was hoping to have dinner cooked before 6..." my mom said, wiping a nother tear form her eye.

"Hey mom, why don't I go see what the hold up is. I'll be careful." I smiled at her.

"It might be dangerous dear."

"Come on mom, I'll just step outside and look, nothing will happen," I said

"Well, as long as you just stay close to the car..." she sighed, "I guess its ok."

I opened the car door and stepped out on the hot pavement. That was my first mistake. Our car was pretty old and worn down, and the passenger's side door sometimes got stuck. I stepped a few paces away from the car and glanced down the long row of autos at the accident. It looked like a tanker had spilled some sort of chemical all over the road. Suddenly, the scream of sirens reached my ears and I turned around to see a car speeding my way

I struggled with the handle but couldn't get it undone. My mom yelled inside the car and tried to get the handle undone. When I realized I couldn't get it open, I ran: My second mistake. I ran toward the tanker, hoping that I was farther away from the car than I really was. I could hear the car behind me. Suddenly, a car swerved in front of me, the driver apparently trying to escape the traffic. I skidded to a halt, hitting my hands on the roof of the car. In that very moment, I saw my whole life flash before me. I turned around just in time to see my screaming mother running toward me and the car smash straight into my body.