I awoke with a start and all at once my senses rushed upon me. I scrambled to my feet, not knowing where I was nor how I had come here. All I knew was the awful foreboding that washed through my entire being. My sense of peril was so great, it seemed tanigble.

I spun about, searching in all directions this empty void I stood in. All around me was impenetrable blackness. Above me, below me, and to all sides. I was surrounded my it, enveloped. Trapped. To move even an inch, I feared would send me hurtling over some unseen edge and through an endless abyss.

So instead I stood, like a cornered doe, fear coursing through every fiber of my being in this - place - this undescribable void where reality was lost and everything ceased to exsist. It had to be a dream, just another wretched nightmare...

Just then I sensed an overpowering presence all about me. I turned to see what is was, but failed to find a source. My insides knotted as I spun, the anxiety building to an agonizing acme.

Finally, when I felt I could take no more I saw a man appear before me. I was dumbfounded for a moment, my sense of danger waned, but dimly in my mind I knew there was something amiss. My immediate consciousness immediately surmised that this being before me was surely an angel, for I had never seen such exquisiteness before.

A cataract of sun gold hair fell, their tips just brushing his broad shoulders and framing is face. He had high cheekbones and his features were so refined and statuesque they provoked a thought that he was like a marble carving, that had suddenly gained animation. His build was not large, yet was an impressive sight nonetheless, his entire air lingered with what was once greatness and command. His clear azure eyes seemed to be cut from the summer sky itself and shone with a piercing intensity that seemed to see into my very soul.

But then I noticed a stratling dichotomy in his appearance. Like there was a second facet to him, that was obscured just beond the point of visibility. I shuddered invoulntarily, resisting the overpowering urge to recoil from him as my sense of foreboding waxed. There was something keenly amiss about this "angel". Abruptly, his entire visage coagulated into a gross parody of what I had previously seen - a fallen angel, I realized. His entire aura reeked hatred and malice, an incarnation of evil. No. Evil itself.

His eyes were flat and cold, without even a glimmer of humanity or life for that matter, just a glare of such heated malevolence that I knew it could only shroud an even more malignant soul.

Reality struck me like a wrecking ball in full swing. This creature of such aweinspiring beauty, yet managed to exude such a profound repulsion, was none other than Luicfer himself.

He laughed then, as if sensing my epiphany. Just like his eyes, his laugh held neither warmth nor glee. Rather it was a hollow, awful sound that grated on the nerves but at the same time sang with melancholy echoes of a long lost glory. The very sound of it filled me with both incredble longing, and driving repulsion. This creature, filled with hatred, still mourned for his lost glory. I knew then that it was this infinite sense of loss which spawned his resentment and ultimate rebellion against the Light.

As he laughed the pristine white robes he wore, the robes that mocked simplicity and purity, became flecked with deep crimson traces. It was then that his second facet became clear. His cruel beauty mocked perfection and hid the malevolence of his true intentions. He was a monument of insult to all that was good and right. I understood then, his ways of deciet. A wolf in sheep's clothing, he worked to cajole and trick souls to turn to him. He offered eternal glory without having to lift a finger, and then took these once innocent souls for himself, to comdemn them to eternal agony.

All the while, the bright spatters of blood grew, until the white was no more. Satan stood before me then, the double image of fallen angel and tormentor of souls. He was covered - bathing - in the blood of sinners, and the innocents he had vicitmized though his false promises and workings of evil.