I remember those days - so full of events - vividly. It was that time that forever changed the way I looked at things. The way I looked at life, death, adventure, and yes, even the way I looked at love.

It was when I found out who I was.

You see, I'm an orphan. I never knew it, but I am. All my life I've been bound by things I've never understood; things that hid my memories from me. People I thought I knew. Places I'd never seen. Even the gods conspired against me, and I've seen all the worlds from the three angles of light, dark, and even neutrality. But never before had I seen them from the one angle that should have counted first above all - mine.

Now I look back at my life. It's been a long and tiring one. I've lived and died, I've lost and gained, I've fallen and risen, I've betrayed and been betrayed, I've won and been defeated, I've loved, hoped, hated, fought, cried, and learned enough lessons to last the lifetimes of a dozen fullblood elves. But it's not over yet...

My life has only just begun.

It was during the war that followed the great War General, Seeroth's war is still unnamed, and if some overzealous young bard has put a name to those horrors I witnessed, then I have yet to learn of it. It was the classic war of good versus evil, light versus dark, that bards of old have sung about for centruries. It was where peaceful Aldonan met the fury of an eons long struggle for power between the Bright Father and the Dark Queen.

Various events that will yet remain unexplained, led me into the service of none other than the Dark Queen herself and her son, Lord Seeroth, fallen Hero of the Bright One. I cannot enlighten you, for those who were not there, for even I do not fully grasp the motives behind such carnage - I cannot even explain the events clearly which led me from the safe haven of the Father's arms into the tempestuous maelstrom of the Dark Queen's ventures in the mortal realm.

For now, I can only relay what happened to me. The good Clerics and Scribes have so skillfuly archived the battle movements with their astounding skill, but even the mightiest pen, no matter how omnipresent, could never map the workings of the mind during times when she is alone.

So this brings me now to the event that I consider greatest in my short life so far. It brought about a great change in me, though it was not immediate like some would expect. Rather, it was a gradual and gentle slope that brought me to where I am now. But enough of that, I am getting ahead of myself...

Let us venture forth from where all good stories start... at the beginning...