The shouts had been going on for the past ten minutes, and had gotten more desperate with each passing moment. Now the voice was full of despair and cracking with every other word that was being said as the person to which the voice belonged to attempted to hold back tears. There had been pounding on the door since before the shouting had actually begun which had only gotten increasingly louder until they had faded into nothing. Sobs had started to fill the silent hallway when the pounding had subsided, though they weren't as frequent as the fists hitting the door had been only moment before.

'Stop it! Please! I don't want you to hurt yourself anymore!'

Her nose wrinkled in disgust at the strong smell of blood that was now flooding her nostrils and making her dizzy. Automatically, she knew it was too late to stop what was going on behind the locked and closed door of the bathroom. It was useless to keep trying to get the girl in the bathroom to stop now; once she got started, it was hard to get her to stop unless she wanted to...or she had a reason good enough to make her decide to stop. That was the hard part: coming up with a reason, unless you knew the girl well enough.

'Kaelea, Luc's on his way home,' she said through the door as she pushed herself up to her feet. 'You have to clean yourself off, and we've got to get rid of the smell in there.'

At first there was no answer, nor any sound of movement from inside the bathroom, but the sound of shuffling came soon. There came the sound of running water hitting the bottom of the sink basin, then the sound of something blocking the liquid from hitting the bottom without getting stopped for a moment. The two sounds were quite obviously different to someone who heard it as often as the one girl standing outside the bathroom door. More shuffling could be heard, as well as the sound of a cabinet door being shut and the click of a lock before the door opened and the girl from inside appeared.

'Kaelea...' the other breathed when she saw the mess that was her sister.

The girl, who apparently went by the name of Kaelea, was paler than she normally was, with blotches of blood on her gray skirt and white, long sleeved, button up blouse. Her raven black hair looked as though it hadn't been brushed for several days, and fell down her chest and back, reaching near her butt. She lifted a shaking hand up towards her head and ran it through her mess of hair, keeping her steel gray eyes turned to the ground, unable to look her sister in the eye at the moment.

'Callie...I hate it when you lie like that and say that Lucas or Andrew are coming home,' Kaelea said, shaking her head some as she finally forced herself to look up at her sister's face. 'You know it too, but you always have to use it against me.'

Callie nodded her head, locking her blue and purple gaze upon her twin's pools of gray, sighing some as she then looked past her sister and into the bathroom. What a mess, as usual. 'I'll clean up while you change,' she said, brushing past Kaelea to get into the bathroom, hoping that her sister would actually go and change to let her think before making contact once more. 'When Luc does come home, you can't be looking like that or he's going to get worried about you. You know how much he looks up to you and cares about you, Kae. It'd traumatize him to see you covered in blood like that.'

The next time she looked over her shoulder, which was only a few minutes later, her sister had left the hallway and was in the room the two girls shared together, the door closed.

She stood up and wet a rag, lowering herself down to the ground as she began to clean up the puddle of blood from the ground, sighing a little when there was still a spot of red from where the liquid had been sitting for who knew how long. 'I hate these messes,' she sighed as she shook her head and stood up, rinsing the rag off. It wasn't long before she was back on the ground, scrubbing the stain off of the linoleum tiles to make sure that they looked as they did before Kae had been in there.

Kaelea walked out of her room in an outfit that looked the same as the previous outfit, though this one was missing the blood stains and wasn't as wrinkled. 'You're always cleaning up after me...' she said quietly as she walked into the bathroom with some disinfectant and air spray. 'I'm not completely useless.' She sprayed both of the cans she had been holding, and then set them down on the bathroom counter.

'Someone has to clean up after you though,' her sister said as she stood up, tossing the wet, and now red, rag into the sink. 'You won't do it without being bothered to do so, which means someone needs to clean up after you.' She was getting a little irritated with having this conversation every time Kae commented on that. 'Haven't we had this conversation before?' she sighed, shaking her head some as she walked out of the bathroom and into the hall way. Her eyes remained on her sister the entire time, afraid that she might go back into the bathroom and do what she had been doing before.

'We have the same conversations every time. The next thing you're going to say,' Kae began, taking a deep breath as she walked out of the bathroom after her sister, 'is that I need to stop.' There was no reason to add the famous, 'am I right?' to the end of the sentence because she knew that she was right; the conversations had been like this for ages now.

'It's true though. Even Jonathon's father says you need to stop,' Callie said, shaking her head as she looked away from her sister for a moment. 'He's worried about you and wants to be able to go more than a few weeks without seeing you again.

'It's true though. Even Jonathon's father says you need to stop,' Callie said, shaking her head as she looked away from her sister for a moment. 'He's worried about you and wants to be able to go more than a few weeks without seeing you again. Don't you think you've attempted to make mom happy enough? Stop trying to throw your life away...please, Kae...' Her voice was full of pleading as she spoke and her eyes saddened considerably. 'Even if you do kill yourself...she'll never be happy. I hate to say this to you, especially since I love you so much, but she's happy just trying to make you miserable.'

'I know, Callie...I've figured it out already, but I don't want to make her happy by being the person she's always picking on,' she sighed, swallowing the lump that was in her throat. 'Can we just drop this?' she asked, her voice faltering as she turned and walked down the hall. She was glad to get no argument from her twin sister, as well as best friend.