Chapter One - Prologue

Melissa Parker stared out her window into the dark, starry night. Street lights flickered on and off as a few teenagers took their last leisure walks around the block. Tomorrow she along with about 350 other students would embark on the journey that was the eleventh grade. It was not exactly the mystical senior year she heard so much about from Danae's older brother but the fact that she was reaching her penultimate year of high school filled her with excitement and nervousness nonetheless.

She stood and stretched before walking to her wardrobe to select an outfit as per her yearly tradition. While deciding between two shirts, she glanced at the clock and noted it was just after midnight. Nine hours left, she thought nervously. After about ten more minutes, she chose a simple but pretty blue tank top and dark denim jeans. It wasn't the flashiest outfit but Melissa wasn't a flashy girl if her perpetual status as a single chick was any indication.

Not that it bothered her… much.

"Liar, liar," she sang aloud, grabbing her diary from under her bed. Being an only child with parents who tended not to snoop allowed her to have such a simplistic hiding spot. She checked her cell phone for any last messages and smiled when she saw one from Bryan Davies, her best friend and the object of her affections (unbeknownst to him). He was also the star of many of her diary entries such as the one she was about to pen this very moment.

Dear Diary,

Ok here's the deal: I'm 16 years old and I've basically managed to get almost all the things a sixteen year old should have: a part-time job, great friends, an extended curfew up to midnight and of course a learner's permit with the possibility of getting a car for my 17th birthday.

But there's something significant missing and that is of course my lack of having a boyfriend. Scratch that: my lack of having anything even remotely resembling a relationship of the opposite sex. I mean sure I have Bryan, but they call it unrequited love for a reason. It's so not fair that I fall in love with the one guy whom I could never have (and yes I'm absolutely positive he does not like me at all).

Oh well this year is gonna be different. I'm gonna get over Bryan and move on. I think its time that I've furthered my experience with the opposite sex (or rather gain some experience in the first place) and finally get a boyfriend. I know it's completely shallow and it would be more helpful to focus on my studies, my job and driving in general, but what's wrong with having someone to love? What's wrong with trying to reach for that fairy-tale romance that is always portrayed in those goofy cheesy teen romance movies I love oh so much?

Well I don't wanna ramble on Diary, but all I have to say is that tomorrow's the start of my future, which will hopefully include a boyfriend and me finally getting over Bryan Davies.



Melissa re-read her entry and smiled. She knew she was fooling herself into thinking that she could get a boyfriend this year, but a girl could dream right? Chuckling to herself, Melissa turned off her bedside lamp and fell into a deep sleep, curious as to what the promise of tomorrow would bring.