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After saying goodbye to Chris, Melissa returned home feeling completely drained. She had gone over and over in her head how hard it was going to be to say goodbye to Daryl, but she never in her life imagined it would be that painful.

While lying on her bed, Melissa cast a sideward glance at her diary. For fun, she decided to flip to her first entry the night before school.

Dear Diary,

Ok here's the deal: I'm 16 years old and I've basically managed to get almost all the things a sixteen year old should have: a part-time job, great friends, an extended curfew up to midnight and of course a learner's permit with the possibility of getting a car for my 17th birthday. But there's something significant missing and that is of course my lack of having a boyfriend. Scratch that: my lack of having anything remotely resembling a relationship of the opposite sex. I mean sure I have Bryan, but they call it unrequited love for a reason…

Melissa rolled her eyes. It was hard to believe how shallow and naïve she was just ten months ago. How she wished getting a boyfriend was the most of her worries right now. But nope, there were a lot more serious issues to contend with.

Flipping to a blank sheet in her journal, Melissa began her entry:

Dear Diary,

Wow it seems like forever since I've last written in here but in reality, it's only been like ten months. Anyways so much has happened within that time period. Yes, I did get my wish and did fall in love… but with that came a whole shitload of pain. Bryan's out of my life (not on bad terms though), Daryl (the love of my life I suppose) is gone for God knows how long and my dad… my dad's gone for good… and I don't know how to deal or cope or anything…

Melissa paused and took in a deep breath as tears dripped down her face. Of course the tears were still there. They seemed to never stop these days.

But even after all that crap has happened, I know things will be okay. I'm starting grade 12 in two months and I'm aiming for a mellow year. If things were all dramatic this year, then that's whatever. But trust me when I say that next year… things are going to be different and for the better…hopefully.

So anyways Aunt Gina's calling me so until next time…



A small smile crossed Melissa's face as she snapped shut her diary and tossed it under her bed. Next year, she was going to just go to school, get good grades and make it into university with scholarships. No boy problems, no friend issues, nothing. If life had to be boring to get rid of all the drama, then that's the way things were going to be.

"Melissa! Hurry up the soup is boiling over," she heard her aunt yell.

"Coming Auntie Gina."

Wiping her eyes once more and running a brush through her hair, Melissa mustered up one more smile and left her room.


A/N: Yeah I know, it took me forever to come up with just that? But it's just an epilogue, right? The last chapter before was the real ending. Anyways the reason I put the epilogue up was because of me wanting to announce my sequel news. Yes there is a sequel in the works although this is very tentative as it seems like I have no time to do anything these days (grade 12 totally sucks FYI). But the sequel's title is called The Ultimate Virgin 2: Most Wanted and here's the full plot summary:

"New year. New look. New job. New friends. New… guy? Okay she'll admit it: Melissa Parker is used to falling for the new guy. First there was Bryan Davies in the tenth grade (although that was more of an unrequited love). Then there was Daryl Higgins in the eleventh grade (also known as the 'one'). However with the death of her father, her best friend across the country and her boyfriend off in Florida indefinitely, Melissa figures its time to stop with the boy crazy action and just try and survive senior year. So why does the new guy Chad Panders seem so intent on getting under skin? Better yet, why can't she stay away? In her senior year, Melissa Parker will learn that love really does conquer all."

So that's the temporary summary I'm working with. Let me now what you think and if I do end up following through with the sequel, I hope you enjoy it as much as you enjoyed the original.

Until the next update then…