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What Happens At Camp Stays at Camp

Chapter Three- "Meeting Aubrey"

(((((( I returned my gaze to Ally, who was mouthing the word "NO!" extremely clearly while shaking her head furiously. Her eyes were full of terror, but I couldn't understand why. Was Kristina dangerous? Well there's only one way to find out. I thought, and entered Cabin 6. She smirked and shut the door behind me with a loud bang. ))))))


"Would you like a brownie? I just made them?" Kristina asked sweetly, which made me cringe. She didn't exactly look like the "cookie-cutter sweet-heart" type. "Uh….sure. yeah thanks."

"Well… how'd you wind up here. It doesn't look like this is what you'd be doing in your spare time." She questioned, handing me the chocolate fudge brownie.

"Yeah" I said with my mouth full. "I didn't want to come here but my parents thought I'd be a 'good opportunity' or something like that. You know what I mean?"

"Yeah I think I do. My parents did the same thing to me and Aubrey."
"Who's Aubrey?"
"Oh, he's my brother. I think he's 18 going on 19 now… but I never really DID know when his birthday was." She laughed at this and I attempted at a smile.

"Well I appreciate you coming to introduce yourself. You seem a lot more cooler than those preppy shit heads out there." That cold stare surfaced again and I inched away, sensing the tension hanging in the air.

"Uh if you don't mind me asking… what do you have against them?"
"Well… I'd love to tell you, but its something much more complicated than what you could understand. And besides. It's a secret." Her eyes gleamed with mystery, and I knew she was hiding something. Her grin showed it clearly.

"Dammit Kristina!" I heard someone with a deep voice curse and the front door blew open. "How many times to I have to tell you not to leave things lying around on the front porch. I could have killed myself."
Kristina rolled her eyes and I laughed. "Brynne this is Aubrey. Aubrey this is Brynne."

My jaw would have dropped if I didn't know how to control myself. He was drop dead gorgeous. Black shaggy hair, intense blue eyes and a fair complexion. Not to mention a great build.
"What's up?" he nodded in my direction before heading into his room and shutting the door.
"Don't mind him. He has an attitude problem. Sometimes I swear he's bipolar."

"Oh" I shrugged, looking at my feet. "Its okay. Well I better be getting back to unpack my things anyways. But It was nice to meet you."
"Oh yeah. Defiantly. I'll see you around then?" Kristina asked. I nodded and flashed her a small smile before showing myself out.


For the rest of the day, I unpacked and snacked on a HUGE container of pixy sticks I had brought along for the summer- too bad I hate it all in one night. But I didn't worry. I never gained a pound.

"Brynne?" Ally asked, knocking on my door. I didn't reply. we had gotten in an argument earlier about how she didn't like Kristina and Aubrey and how I shouldn't be hanging out with them.

"Can I come in?" She asked, and I shrugged even though I knew she couldn't hear me.
"You can but I'd prefer you talked from there."

She ignored me and walked on in. "Look I'm sorry its just that, they're not the BEST of people."
Yeah and your no walk through the park either. I thought bitterly, and continued stuffing clothes into the dresser beside my bed.


"Well… tomorrow morning at 8 o'clock, 8 kids will be assigned to you and your partner."

Oh, and let me guess, you're my partner? Just great…. Just perfectly peachy…

"And well… we're partners, so I thought we should get along rather than not. What do you think?"
"I think we'd get along a lot better if you didn't judge and complain about someone that seems cool to me." I snapped and tossed the last of my suitcases on the ground before flopping down onto my bed.

"Okay. Well I wont then."



"FINE! Shut the door on your way out-"


God, who knew someone so skinny could be so effing strong? My ears were still ringing from the collision of the door and the wall 10 minutes after it happened. Crying from frustration and anger, I pulled the covers over my head and drifted off to an uneasy sleep.

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